Railway Line to Karaman Organized Industrial Zone

Railway Line to Karaman Organized Industrial Zone
A new railway line was built in Karaman Organized Industrial Zone and a meeting was organized in the Organized Industrial Zone on the establishment of a loading and unloading terminal.

Governor Murat Koca, Deputy Governor Deputy Governor Muammer Balcı, TCDD 6. Regional Director Mustafa Çopur, Highways 3. District Manager Mahmut Yıldız, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Karaman Organized Industrial Zone Süreyya Peker, TCDD 6. Regional Directorate Load Manager Abdullah KARATURAN to Karaman Municipality and Urban Development Director Süleyman Love, the Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Salih sister in law, Karaman FDI Station Manager Hasan Dogan, National Property Manager Haji Ibrahim Cetinkaya, Food, Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Provincial Director Mehmet Öztiryaki and TCDD officials attended.

A new railway was constructed in the Karaman Organized Industrial Zone, and two large-scale meetings were held at the large-scale meeting to create a loading and unloading terminal in this region.

Karaman The meeting resulted OSB Management by building a rail link to the area specified by the Board, loading and unloading terminal creation and Karaman to create a new Karaman freight terminal on land to be identified on the existing railway across the OSB that the decision was notified.

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