Izmir Istanbul high speed train tender

Izmir Istanbul high speed train tender
There's a rule, universal.
And not by the law.
However, Turkish people do not recognize rules.
We perceive insults to our free spirit, order and order ...
The holiday is not a 'monster victim' or something, the Turkish children killed by the outright remain on the roads every year.
Let's leave the subject of the traffic monster to another article, let's talk about the targets on the roads this time.
At the beginning of the 2023 transportation targets of the AK Party government, the motorway network becomes inter-regional and the cities are interconnected by high-speed train.
The road to the highway network has historically been a great route.
With this project, which was discussed at the beginning, it has become much safer now. At least we don't lose the lack of infrastructure on the roads.
The foundation of the fast train project that provides tı safe transportation AK to the AK Party is the Ankara-Istanbul and Ankara-Izmir lines. Both of these important projects are moving at great speed. Over time, cities on lines will also be included in the project, with abundance, abundance and prosperity to be carried.
Yahya Baş, the deputy of Transport Minister Binali Yildirim said that the previous day they aimed to connect Izmir with Istanbul via high-speed train to Istanbul.
Go, in a statement, "Our citizens in regions where the population of about 2023 70 percent so far in Turkey will meet the fast train. İzmir-Bursa, Ankara-Sivas-Erzincan connection line was also tender. İzmir
I was very pleased with the good news that the Chief gave.
A high-speed train is planned to be parallel to the Izmir-Istanbul highway and connect Izmir to Istanbul via Bursa.
If Izmir also gets EXPO; The pearl of the Aegean, let it run, fly flies ...
Presidents, deputies, politicians who want to plan the future.
'Let me be small, my advice to the following:
Now the small thinking period is over.
'Last 20 has forgotten us in the year Ankara, did not get enough investment, we have given 5, Ankara gave us one' do not be behind the excuses such as don't take shelter.
Because of the great potential of this city, its population will soon reach 10 million.
Know that there will be a second Istanbul and make your plans according to him.
I congratulate 'Binali Bey' who opened the way for İzmir and made great services.

Source : I www.haberturk.co

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