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Go to Ankara with YHT Ankara three hours
There is a feverish work on the 523 km Istanbul-Ankara YHT line. Mountains are drilled, tunneled, vast viaducts are made. Turkish and Chinese engineers work almost 24 hours a day to raise this giant project to the 90th anniversary of the Republic.
Bridges crossing the Istanbul-Antalya road, long viaducts following the route, tunnels ... At first, you do not notice the size of the project. But a 523 km long giant construction project continues at full speed. This project, where mountains are pierced, rivers crossing, roads on viaducts meet, is the construction of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) that will connect Istanbul to the capital Ankara. Following the accelerated train crash in 2004 in Sakarya Pamukova, which resulted in the death of 41 people, TCDD accelerated a world-class High Speed ​​Train project with its infrastructure and superstructure. Istanbul-Ankara YHT line is a total of 523 kilometers. 2 thousand 63 people work 24 hours in three shifts. The infrastructure works of the Eskişehir-Istanbul stage, consisting of two sections: 'İnönü-Vezirhan', 'Vezirhan-Köseköy', were completed by 75 percent in İnönü-Vezirhan and 80 percent in Vezirhan-Köseköy. The new route between Istanbul and Ankara is made as a double line. The Chinese CRCC-CMC-Cengiz İnşaat-İbrahim Çeçen joint venture group is doing the giant project. In the project, 75 Chinese engineers are doing rail and superstructure work. The Chinese trains 250 km. the precision rails to speed up to 2 mm from the current situation. It is laying between Eskişehir and Istanbul with a slump. He makes technical measurements. Turkish engineers and workers sign miracles in 32 months with 32 tunnels.
The superstructure of the line is made by the CRCC, the 10 million employee and the railway construction company in China. 4 years working in Turkey Liu Zhiyi, Zhang Lei and Guo Tianyi establishing rail system with only 2 mm margin of error.
The route includes the 20 viaduct (35 not completed), with a total length of 4 km. The total length of the 38 tunnel between Ankara and Istanbul is 59 kilometers. The longest of these tunnels, two of which are still under construction, is the 7 thousand 500 meters.
A cross-section of 23, referred to as 'Doğançay Ripajı' in Sapanca, will shorten the entire line by 10 minutes. 18.5 9 tunnel 10 and 21 viaduct for the construction of the total 21 was launched in February. XNUMX will deliver monthly after construction starts.
35 VIYADLE 250 KM. SPEED will be reached
The longest in the project is 2 km. 35 is the viaduct. Japan standard
High level of security is provided in the tunnel and viaducts with the izalatör systems.
Trains All signals, including the so-called le Level 2 durum autopilot, work with a system that receives bad weather data. Every step of the train is monitored by cameras at the command center in Ankara. Ankara is intervening immediately in all kinds of negative situations. Bozüyük-Bilecik-Sapanca-Pendik-Gebze modern stations and stations are being constructed.
Road works and maintenance will be done every night between 01.00 and 05.00. In the morning, the 05 will travel on a reciprocal guide train for safety and check the line. 1.2 meters high along the line 1000 km. wire mesh. There will be no sound curtain in city transitions It does not cause noise pollution because it works with electricity.
All four substations fed from the center line energy from the interconnected electricity network in Turkey 154 thousand kilovolt power draw. 25 thousand volta reduced electricity in the transformers will be delivered to the air lines between Ankara and Istabul.
Clean energy consuming YHT, 1 pounds per kilogram of electricity is spent. Between Istanbul and Ankara every time 523 pounds will be spent electricity.
Making roads
Firstly, concrete roads such as highway construction are made. The train is not going on earth as in the old system. On this road is laid hard stones called döş ballast aklık that lay the rail on it.
On the ballasts, the ile travers üstüne from the concrete are arranged in transverse order. 60 cm along the line. 1 million 750 thousand pieces travers and 2 million 700 thousand cubic meters ballast and mistress 60 weight meters are being laid for high speed.
Ticket 70 lira
The average ticket price from Istanbul to Ankara will be 70-80 lira. The expeditions will be periodically made mutually. The road will last for 3 hours. (Ankara-Eskişehir 35 lira)
32 train
When the project is done 32 new YHT train set will come. Load
and other passenger trains will use the old maintained line.
8 thousand passengers
20 thousand passengers will travel on 6 bin weekend 8 thousand passengers on weekdays. 419 people will be moved every time.

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