Jobs: TCDD Ankara 2. Plenty. Dir. Map Engineer Purchase Notice

TCDD Ankara 2. Plenty. Dir. Map Engineer Purchase Notice

This labor force request was announced from İŞKUR's OSTİM SERVICE CENTER.
Deadline: 13 March 2013
Release Date: 04 March 2013

General Terms and Notes
TO THE ATTENTION OF THE CANDIDATES WHO WILL APPLY…! * Candidates who meet the requirements of the request, within 10 days from the date of the announcement; They can apply personally to any İŞKUR Provincial / Branch Directorate or internet (It is: will be able to apply through. 1- Candidates who will be employed as worker workers as a Map Engineer are required to have at least 6 months of experience in high-speed train railway construction. Candidates will document this with the letter they receive from the contractor or consultancy firm, the SSK registration number and the service document with the SSK workplace registration number and the SSK service document. In the high speed train railway construction works, those who work in the subcontractor firm for at least 6 months will document this with the letter they will receive from the subcontractor company, the SSK registration number and the SSK workplace registration number, and the contractor or consultant firm of which the subcontractor firm it works for. the contractor or consultant will bring a letter about the company. Experience must demand our desired candidates who apply, that document can not be held if the paperwork rights report on Turkey will be notified by receipt and acceptance of the application for the necessary conditions to carry the Employment Agency. 3- Those who will be recruited in the art of engineering workmanship will be assigned to work sites in different provinces and districts for the new railway survey, project and construction works, which are still under construction, will be changed in time, depending on the situation of need. They must have a B group driver's license. 4- Foreign language level will be preferred for candidates. 5-Candidates who will be in the final list, to participate in the oral exam, the population registration sample, criminal record (from the Public Prosecutor's Office), collection, military service (discharge, deferment or exemption), 6 picture, together with the documents requested above, will be published on the TCDD website. and complete the Job Request Information Form (to be published on the website.) by coming to TCDD Enterprise General Directorate Human Resources Department Gar / ANKARA address and deliver it. Candidates who do not submit their documents will not be admitted to the oral exam. Notices will be posted on our website and addresses will be sent to the candidates who will be listed in the Final List. 8-Engineer workers who will work in our establishment will be subject to the Labor Law numbered 4857 and the trial period is 4 months.9-Engineer workers who will be recruited in the field of art of engineering, who are successful as a result of the verbal exam, are from full-fledged state hospitals or official university hospitals in detail. Visiting Degrees (right-left eye specified separately), Color Examination (ishihora test), Hearing Audiometry result will be asked for the report of the board of health with the average of pure sound whispered. These reports Our organization Health Directorate of the Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration Guidelines will be examined in accordance with Health and Psycho, health status will be the appointment of unsuitable candidates.
Profession Information
Profession Experience (Year) Learning Type
Engineer from School
Learning Information
General Unit Name General Department Name Learning Level
Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Marine Sciences Department of Textile Engineering and Design Bachelor of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Marine Sciences Department of Textile Engineering and Design
Work Address Information
Preferred Residence Towns:
Other informations
Employer Type
Total Number of Open Business 1
Type of Contract: Indefinite Period (Permanent)
Mode of Study Trial Period

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  1. Engineer purchase conditions are more favorable than the old. Internships and courses must be appropriate for the purpose of the job. After the assignment of engineering tasks outside the chore should not do the job.