Silkworm came out of the cocoon and won the tender

Silkworm came out of the cocoon and won the tender
Metropolitan Municipality's 1 tram tender for the sculpture-City Square tram line called T6 Durmazlarwon the vehicle called İpekböücü. The company, which will deliver 3 vehicles in the 2rd month and 4 vehicles in the 2th month, will also deliver 6 vehicles in the 6th month. Thus, after 3 months, it will be able to start with two vehicles.
The first ”dream of Mayor Recep Altepe, ilk came to the agenda. For this reason, some cuttings showed a frizzy approach.
Taha Aydın, the consultant of Mayor Altepe, drew the project DurmazlarThe silkworm called ek İpekböceği ği (ek İpekböceği tram), which was produced with the awareness of sorumluluk responsibility towards the city da, opened two new categories.
First ...
Bursa is now the fifth city producing trams in the world.
Durmazlar Machinery is now the sixth company producing trams in the world.
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The first wagon of İpekböceği, which gives Bursa such two different features, continues its test drives and promotions in fairs, “It is being produced and introduced but let's see if it can win the tender. International giant companies do this DurmazlarThey will leave? oldu.
The tender for 2 vehicles was completed for the first trolley fleet to be installed from the vehicles consisting of 6 wagons.
Tender ...
Model with silkworm Durmazlar and Polish tram manufacturer Pesa. A Chinese company received a file but did not enter the tender.
In the tender specifications, the delivery of the 1 vehicle consisting of two wagons for the T6 Line, which is under construction in Bursa, was requested to be delivered on the 6 month. The Chinese company said it needs at least a 8 month to deliver.
Besides the…
Companies such as Siemens, Bombardier and Skoda who are the world famous metro and tram manufacturers did not participate in the tender because they did not fit the system in Bursa.
In the tender İ
As a company from Bursa Durmazlar, 1 million 599 thousand euros per silk tram model tram they produced in Bursa.
The Polish company, Pesa, has offered 1 million 850 thousand euros per vehicle.

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