Ilgaz Mountain should be done on the chairlift

İmdat Yardım, President of Çankırı Ski Trainers Association, said that the number of tourists will increase if a chair lift is built on Ilgaz Mountain.

Gazi University Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching Asst. Assoc. Dr. Help, in a statement, explained that Ilgaz Mountain had a good year in terms of winter tourism, and that the hotels in the region were busy on weekends.

Stating that there is a need for a chair lift for Doruk location, Yardım said, “In case of a chair lift to Ilgaz Mountain, the number of tourists will increase. There is a lot of intensity even when there is only babylift. A chair lift is a must to increase the tourist potential of Doruk, ”he said.

Help, the ski lifts in Ankara, Çankırı and Kırıkkale, such as the surrounding cities will increase the number of tourists in the day to come, he added.

Source: Newspaper5



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