Special Provincial Administration visited Tudemsashi

Special Provincial Administration visited Tudemsashi
Salih Ayhan, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration; Tüdemsaş Factory visited Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chamber of Agriculture. In keeping with the inter-agency dialogue, Secretary General Ayhan first visited Tudemsas General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan and informed about the works of the factory.
Ayhan, who had been in the factory, visited the wagon manufacturing, repair and metal works workshops and saw the works done on site.
Koçtaş underlined that Tüdemsaş is one of the most powerful industrial enterprises of the Middle East and Ministers and said that the factory has an important place in the railway sector. Koçarslan stated that they are exporting goods and spare parts and industrial products to the national railway sector and they continue their efforts to contribute to the development of railway transportation.
Ayhan stated that Tudemsas is among the leading companies of Sivas and said rik The factory has serious contributions to the development of the railway network in our country. In addition, the factory is an important area of ​​employment for our city. We are closely following Tudemsas as an institution by showing all the possibilities of technology. I hope this giant factory will increase the production and capacity in the coming days, will serve our province beautiful services, "he said.

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