Sapanca and Pamukovada high speed train abundance

Sapanca and Pamukovada high speed train abundance
With the launch of the High Speed ​​Train Project, the 8 moon prices on the route have already doubled and 120-150 pounded on the route. Realtors say that the region will be further appreciated with YHT.
The Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project will be launched in October and the YHT stations will be closer to Istanbul than some other districts. Sapanca and Pamukova counted down to Istanbul between the half and 29 hours with YHT. The dwellings are located in Sapanca and Pamukova, at a distance of 1-3 hours to Istanbul. Natural beauty and the snow season of the Istanbul region with the ski slopes of the stream of action will be turned into parks in the city of YHT. Those who live in Istanbul, Eskişehir or Ankara will be able to reach the center of the plateaus in the middle of the plateaus, whether they want to use the 5-1 hour-long journey or the facilities near the lake.
1 million dollars host
While the prices of land m2 before YHT were 50-60 TL, it is now 120-150 TL. The apartments in Sapanca where the development permit is 10-20 is sold as 100-110 thousand TL, but this figure has increased to 140-160 thousand TL with YHT project. The price of buying a villa in Sapanca near the lake or in the highlands around Kartepe starts from 250-300 thousand TL.
'A vehicle from Istanbul will reduce the sapanca'
Erol Öğüt, who was from Sapanca last year, said that the decision he made was very appropriate. Advice “Before I came here, I was sitting on a good site in Istanbul Başakşehir. I spent 4 hours in traffic every day. I decided to move here. When I wanted to see my acquaintances in Istanbul, I would invite them to host them here due to the traffic, and also be instrumental in them having an unforgettable day. When YHT is put into service, most importantly, it will carry a very elite passenger mass. Every family coming here from Istanbul will reduce at least one vehicle from Istanbul traffic. Employees in Istanbul, Eskişehir and Ankara will flock to these places. Because time passes slowly here, the nature is clean, there is no traffic and the environment is much safer than big cities. When I bought a house from here, it was around 100 thousand TL, now I see it has doubled. By reading books with YHT, sohbet "It is possible to be in the city in 1 hour by listening to music."
Stating that the prices of the land has increased a bit more than that of the residence, Mustafa Balkaya, who is involved in the construction work in Kırkpınar, said that ğ Land that has no supply is very valuable ın. Balkaya, stating that the recession began in April last year, the plot of the 20 liray square, along with the black train 50 liraya and now the number of 116 liraya said that rose. Balkaya de Here, TOKI, urban transformation by re-arranging some of the troubled places, the hospital will be established. With the arrival of the YHT station, this will be one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Istanbul. The villa I have delivered to 220 thousand TL last year is now over 400 thousand TL. I think that the 300 thousand TL villas will bring more after a year because 10. The rest of the 100 m2 home doing a turning into the vineyard garden. From here you will get the land or house quickly. The people who come here will bring their relatives Buraya.

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