High-speed train hit by young injured in Ankara

High-speed train hit by young injured in Ankara
The young person hit by the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) on the Ankara-Konya flight was injured.
YHT, which set out from Ankara Station and made the Ankara-Konya expedition, hit a young man named Hamdi Ercan Yaman (20) who was waiting at the side of the rails when he came to Emirler station in Etimesgut District. While Hamdi Ercan Yaman was thrown aside due to the impact, YHT was able to stop after about 1 kilometer.
Shortly after the incident, the medical team, along with the stretcher, crossed the train underpass and reached the injured person. The young wounded on the stretcher, was passed through the lower passage and moved to the ambulance. Hamdi Ercan Yaman, who was found to have had a fracture on his feet, was taken to hospital in the ambulance.
The station's security guards said that they had repeatedly warned Hamdi Ercan Yaman, who was walking around the rails and claimed to be intoxicated, and that the accident happened.
After the completion of the necessary work on the scene of the police officers from YHT Konya and waiting for the station next to the Eskişehir YHT continued.

Source : I www.haberturk.co

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