She got sick on the way to the hospital

The Küçük family living in Alaca village of Borçka district of Artvin provides transportation by cable car. Blood pressure patient Hikmet Küçük was on the way to the hospital on her way to a hospital with a cable car and had a hard time.
In the village of Hikmet Kucuk and the 6 house in Alaca village, the road was built last year but after a while the road was closed due to the landslide on the village road. Due to the landslides, the road was opened to transportation from time to time.

Hikmet Kucuk, a patient with blood pressure, was among those who were obliged to reach the air line at the 300 meter, which was a few times a day on Balcı stream, and his blood pressure increased frequently due to the stress he experienced. Hikmet Küçük, wrapped in a blanket to provide transportation with the state of the patient was reflected in the cameras.

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