Haydarpaşa Presence as a Garage

Haydarpaşa Presence as a Garage
Haydarpaşa is an important transportation hub and one of the symbols of Istanbul. What suits Haydarpaşa both in terms of transportation and its symbolic place in the identity of Istanbul is that it continues its existence as a station.
A metropolis the size of Istanbul, with its two sides separated by the Bosphorus, needs to be evaluated in integrity and accurately, not stations. In this context, it is not rational to remove Haydarpaşa from being a station for the Anatolian side, which is an important metropolis with a population of more than 5 million. The stations needed for high speed trains increase the importance of the issue.
Another point that should not be overlooked is that Istanbul is located in a geographical location that cannot be connected with Anatolia by many radial lines. In other words, the connection from Anatolia to Istanbul can be realized within a narrow corridor and at this stage with only one line. In this case, care must be taken when deciding on an existing station.
Istanbul needs Haydarpaşa as a station
In summary, Istanbul needs Haydarpaşa as a station. There is no convincing justification for the argument that Marmaray renders Haydarpaşa dysfunctional.
In the tunnel section of Marmaray crossing the Bosphorus, which has three functions such as connecting the two sides of Istanbul, Anatolia and Thrace and Asia and Europe, there are only two lines, while at least three lines are required. But the number of lines that will use this tunnel is three, one for the main line. On the other hand, it is stated that the tunnel may be sufficient only for urban journeys. In these conditions, it is impossible for the tunnel to pass mainline passenger and freight trains and high-speed trains in addition to subway lines. This will require the departure of a significant portion of the train services from Istanbul to Anatolia from the Anatolian side. Haydarpaşa can provide a suitable solution for this purpose. It is difficult to find a suitable station for passenger and freight trains and high speed trains, excluding Haydarpaşa.
The meaning of the sea for Istanbul and Haydarpaşa
For many years, Haydarpaşa has been one of the transportation centers that ensure the union of Istanbul's sea and railway. Kadıköy Together with the Bosphorus, it contributed to the realization of half of the sea transportation. Bringing Istanbul to the sea and integrating it is an unforgettable part of Istanbul life.
For Istanbul, it is important to understand and feel the meaning of the sea. Not enjoying the pleasure of watching the surroundings on the Bosphorus ferry with a cup of tea is to experience Istanbul incomplete. Trying to arrange the transportation of Istanbul by ignoring this emotional element would of course be incomplete or even wrong.
Haydarpaşa, the symbol of people's meeting with Istanbul and embracing the sea, gives it this feature. kazanshould not be detached from its resisting function. When I was 17, I met both Istanbul and the sea for the first time in Haydarpaşa, with feelings that keep their freshness even today. This is the story of millions, not just mine. It has been passed on to their children and grandchildren. Such a sharing of feelings that permeates Istanbul's identity should not be taken lightly.
Haydarpaşa station should stay
Today, European stations are organized as venues where people can meet and spend time together. A statement from the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, appeared in the newspapers dated February 25, 2013: "… Haydarpaşa Train Station will continue open to the public, not a hotel." The most suitable for a public Haydarpaşa is the station function. Haydarpaşa can be a suitable station that can serve not only the Anatolian side, but also the opposite shores of the Bosphorus.
I can't think of any other station as synonymous with the station function as Haydarpaşa. Identity to Haydarpaşa kazanIt is the characteristic of being a symbol of experiences, aspirations and dreams beyond its architectural features and appearance.
As a result, what is needed for railway and maritime transport and which is a special part of Istanbul's identity is that Haydarpaşa continues its existence as a station.

Source : www.mimarist.org

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