Güreşci Dies to the top of the Young Wagon Flow

Güreşci Dies to the top of the Young Wagon Flow
16-year-old wrestler Enes Can Altınkaya, who climbed on the wagon to take a photo in Osmaniye, died after being caught in an electric current of 30 thousand volts.
The incident took place at the station in Esenevler District at 13.00:17. Imam Hatip High School student Enes Can Altınkaya, who came from Aksaray to participate in the wrestling competition organized between schools with the participation of 30 provinces in Osmaniye, went to the train station with his friends before the matches. Altinkaya, which climbed onto the wagon with gravel and sand to take a photo, was caught in the current when it approached the high voltage line with XNUMX thousand volts of electricity. Altınkaya, who was burning after the explosion sound was heard, was taken to Osmaniye State Hospital by ambulance. When he came to the hospital, his heart was restarted and Altınkaya could not be saved despite the intervention in the intensive care unit.
Police launched an investigation into the incident.

Source : I www.aktifhaber.co

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