The Peripheral Road in Malatya

The work of the municipality by the Municipality of Malatya on the inner part of the highway continues uninterruptedly.
Mayor Ahmet Çakır, together with the deputy mayors Hasan Atay and Selim Pilten, examined the works on site. Ahmet Çakır said in a statement he made that they accelerated the works on the ring road with the warming of the weather. Stating that they will make the region look more modern as a result of the studies, Çakır said, “We have worked on landscaping on the ring road from Beylerderesi Turgut Özal Viaduct to Battalgazi Junction. We first made pedestrian overpasses. Some points will have more pedestrian overpasses. In addition to these works, we covered the Emeksiz underpass. In this region we closed, we will carry out square arrangements. We built curtain walls. We created new green spaces. Sidewalk and road works continue. With the completion of the works, the ring road will turn into a beautiful and modern look, a living place. ” used expressions.
During the inspection tour, we also meet with local tradesmen and citizens. sohbet Mayor Çakır gave information about the work done by the Municipality.

Source: haberfx



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