Fire at the FSM Bridge

The incident occurred at 05.30:25 in the direction of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge Ankara. The paper towel, tissue paper and toilet paper on the trailer of the 909 LU XNUMX plate truck under the administration of Hanifi Ceylan started to burn for an unknown reason.
A taxi driver, who noticed the flames on the truck moving in this way, warned Ceylan. The driver who got off the vehicle reported the situation to 110 firefighters after separating the truck from the trailer.
In a short time to the scene, the fire brigade immediately intervened in the flames.
Because of the paper towel and napkin inside the hall, the fire brigade had difficulty controlling the fire. The flames were controlled after a cooling operation lasting approximately 30 minutes.
While a long vehicle queue was formed on the bridge due to the fire, the vehicles sailed in two lanes for a while. TIR driver Hanifi Ceylan said that he went from Çorlu to Erzurum and said, “After passing the toll booths, someone threw a cigarette or caught fire from somewhere. "I noticed the flames when a taxi driver warned him from behind."
After the truck was removed from the scene, the traffic returned to normal.

Source: radical




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