Options for ski lovers

Many options for options rather than, or in other words, ski enthusiasts for skiing enthusiasts ... with history and natural beauty that welcomes tourists to Turkey each season, the ski was also the focus of attention of domestic and foreign tourists
all seasons of the year's net profit is not lacking in high mountains and come forward with this mountain ski resort, east to west, north to south tourist center that hosts many of Turkey, in winter offers many alternatives to vacationers. History and natural beauty with every season tourists welcomes Turkey's geographical position, the earth due to its form and without years of missing each season of snow in the high mountains as well as ski resorts in the mountains in winter, in particular, a center of attraction for ski tourism.

some important features with important ski resort in Turkey for hosting tourists as follows:
Bursa-Uludag: The best time for skiing is the period between December 20th and March 20th. In Uludağ, snow depth can reach 3 meters under normal winter conditions.
Bolu-Kartalkaya: The region has a semi-temperate climate. The ski center has very favorable conditions for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and skiing. The best time to ski is 20 from December to 20 March.
Erzurum's Palandöken: 10 December - 10 The best time for skiing between May and May.
Kars-Sarıkamış: The best date for skiing is 20 December-20 March.
Kayseri-Erciyes: The best time to ski is 20 November-20 April.
Gumushane-Zigana: The season in the ski resort begins in December and continues until April.

Source: I sabah.co



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