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After the cancellation process on bridges and highways, the eyes turned to other auctions, while it turned out that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan examined the privatizations one by one. Erdogan, who held a closed meeting with the businessmen and representatives of the Civil Society Organization in Kayseri, said, “We will not fly a bird, we will protect the trust. 50 years of rental period is over. ” Stating that no real estate sales can be made without their knowledge, Erdogan said: “Mixing can not be sold without our knowledge. They arrange bureaucrats at the bottom about public goods, escaping my ministers' eyes. You see, an immovable property with underground resources is rented for 49-50 years. Then it gains value. We can't allow this. ” Prime Minister Erdogan also said he instructed the ministers "Be careful".
With a circular issued on 15 June, all transactions related to the sale, transfer, rental and exchange of public immovable properties were subject to the permission of the Prime Ministry. Following this circular, all public and public and private allocations, especially mining and oil exploration immovables, are brought to Prime Minister Erdogan's approval. It is stated that Erdogan is working with 'meticulousness' especially on public-to-private allocations. According to the information obtained, he makes a decision after examining each file that comes to him one by one.
It has been learned that the rental of immovable properties for 49-50 years is the most important factor causing discomfort. Once a property is privatized, it can gain value, so the public can suffer. It is stated that Prime Minister Erdogan is disturbed by this. After that, it is stated that not every property will be transferred in the long term, and the decision will be made after detailed investigation.
Privatizations were on the agenda again after the bridge and highway tender that was canceled recently. The price of the bridge and highway that the consortium, including Koç-Ülker-UEM, offered the highest bid for $ 5.7 billion, was low, and the Privatization High Council canceled the tender.
After analyzing the files, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is said to have given some positive and some negative opinions. In this context, it was stated that the Prime Minister evaluated the demand for more than 6 thousand properties in 10 months. It was learned that Erdogan gave approval to some of the files over 10 thousand while he refused some of them.

Source: sabah



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