Eurasia Rail Fair Events

Eurasia Rail Fair Events
Eurasia Rail Fair 7-9 will be held on March 2013 in Yeşilköy İstanbul Exhibition Center.
HALL 11 / A 13 is open to all visitors.
Özen Technical Consulting Media Group
Minister of Transport, Mr.Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport of Spain Mr.Ana Pastor, General Director of TCDD Mr. Sünleyman Karaman will start with the opening speeches.
Conference Program:
07 March 2013 (07 March 2013)
14: 30-15: 00 Süleyman KARAMAN (General Director of TCDD -Director of Turkish State Railways) - Present and future of railways; Railways; Today and the Future (Turkey-Turkey)
15: 00-15: 30 Y.Metin TAHAN (Director General of Infrastructure Investments - Director of Infrastructure Investments) - Marmaray and Metro Projects; Marmaray and Metro Projects (Turkey-Turkey)
15: 30-15: 45 Tea-Coffee Break
15: 45- 16:00 Bekir Gezer (EU General Affairs and External Müdürü- Foreign Affairs and EU General Director) - The importance of a balanced and Intermodal Transport and Railways in Turkey-EU Cohesion Policy; Balanced and Intermodal Transportation in Turkey's Harmonization US Politics Importance of Railways (Turkey-Turkey)
16: 00- 16: 15 Javier Menendez BONILLA (EU Delegation, Economic and Social Policy Senior Vice President Head of Economy and Social Development Section, European Delegation to Turkey) - Turkey, EU railways in Where the reform process? ; Where is EU Railway Reform? (Turkey-Turkey)
16: 15- 16:30 Erol ÇITAK (Railway Regulatory Director General-Director of Railway Regulation) - Legislation in Turkey after the Restructuring of Railways; Legislations after Turkish Railway Sector Restructuring (Turkey- Turkey)
08 March 2013 (08 March 2013)
10: 00-10: 15 Mag.Dr. Dr. Helmut MEELICH (European Economic Commission for European Union - Project Manager at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) High Speed ​​Freight Transportation (Slovakia)
10: 15-10: 30 Jindrich KUSNIR (Czech Republic Department of Transportation, Department of Railway Director, Ministry of Transport and Transportation) High Speed ​​Freight Transportation on Rails (Czech Republic)
10.30-10: 45 Dennis SCHUT (Head of the International Railway Union Research Unit - International Union of Railways (UIC); EU Funded High Speed ​​Freight Projects
10: 45-11: 00 Jesus APAYDIN ​​(TCDD General Director Assistant Vice Director of Turkish State Railways) - Turkey's High Speed ​​Rail Administration; High Speed ​​Train Operations in Turkey (Turkey-Turkey)
14: 00-14: 15 Patrice MAIRE (Linenless Solutions Manager- Catenaryless Solutions Manager - ALSTOM Transport) - Catenary Tramway System; Catenary System without Tramway (Turkey-Turkey)
14: 15-14: 30 Thomas SIEGEMUND (Product Management Director - BOMBARDIER Transportation) - Automatic Metros - Detecting Today and Tomorrow; Automated Metros- Sensing Tomorrov, Today (Germany- Germany)
14: 30-14: 45 Stefan AURICH (High Speed ​​Trains- KNORR BREMSE) - Difficulties in High Speed ​​Brake Applications; Challenge in High Speed ​​Brake Applications (Germany-Germany)
14: 45: 15 Juan Pablo Barahona MERINO (Regional Director -TALGO) - Avril High Speed ​​Train Concept; Avril High Speed ​​Train Concept (Spain, Spain)
15: 00-15: 15 Tea-Coffee Break
15: 15-15: 30 Gürhan GÜRKAN (Project Management Group, Local Assistant Manager -Project Management Team, Local Manager, HYUNDAI-ROTEM) New Generation High Speed ​​Train-HEMI-430X (Turkey- Turkey)
15: 30-15: 45 Cüneyt GENÇ (Director of Department of Rail Systems and Transportation; Director of Rail Systems and Mobility) Rolling Stocks and Domestic Production Possibilities (Turkey- Turkey)
15: 45-16: 00 Prof.Dr.Tuncer TOPRAK (Istanbul Technical University-Istanbul Technical University) - Certification Tests of Railway Vehicles; Certification Tests of Rail Vehicles (Turkey - Turkey)
16: 00- 16:15 Ömer YILDIZ (General Manager - General Manager - ISTANBUL ULAŞIM A.Ş) Domestic Railway Vehicle Production; Railway Vehicles Domestic Production (Turkey- Turkey)
09 March 2013 (09 March 2013)
10: 00-10: 15 Oktay ATÇALI (Sales Manager-Sales Manager -ARCELORMITTAL) What's New in Rail Production, Mushroom Hardened Rails and Methods of Use; Improvements at the Rail Production, Head Hardened Rails and Usage Methods (Turkey-Turkey)
10: 15-10: 30 Ibrahim TOZLU (Ray Profil Rolling Mill Manager - Rail Profile Rolling Mill Manager - KARDEMIR Inc.) the Rail Damages and Causes (Turkey- Turkey)
10: 30-10: 45 John BRYANT (Global Sales Executive - BENTLEY Systems, Dubai) Surrender and Maintain Core Infrastructure with BIM; Delivering and Sustaining Through BIM. (UAE)
10: 45-11: 15 Prof.Dr.Erol TUTUMLUER (University of Illionis, USA) Bridge-fill transition zone; Bridge-Embankment Transition Zones (Invited Speaker) (USA-USA)
11: 15-11: 30 Tea-Coffee break
11: 45-12: 00 Prof.Dr. İlhan KOCAARSLAN (Istanbul University-Istanbul University) - Railway Safety and Security Management Systems: Case study; Railway Safety Management Systems- Case Study (Turkey-Turkey)
12: 00-12: 15 Roger-A. DIRKMEIER (General Manager of Rail Systems - Rail Systems - FOGTEC Fire Protection) Intelligent Solutions for Fire Fighting in Railway Vehicles; The Smarter Way of Using Fire Protection in Rolling Stock Applictions (Germany-Germany)
12: 15-12: 30 Dr.Peter Stahl (Managing Director - WAGNER Bayern GmbH) - Innovative Fire Prevention Solutions for Railway Vehicles; Innovative Fire Protection Solutions for Railway Vehicles (Germany SolutionsGermany)
12: 30- 12:45 Henrik ENGSTRÖMER (Project Manager - Project Manager - BOMBARDIER Transportation) - Regional ERTMS: Value and Capacity in Times of Economic Solutions; ERTMS Regional: Delivering Value and Capability in Economically Challenging Times (Germany –Germany)
12: 45-13: 00 Jean FEHLBAUM (NEXANS EMEA International Marketing Executive Vice President - VP Marketing for the EMEA International Division) Current Developments in Railway Infrastructure; Used for Railway Infrasturcture (Switzerland-Switzerland)
13: 00- 13:15 Norman FRISCH (Railways Solutions Business Development Director - Business Development Director for Railway Solutions - HUAWEI) Railway safety; Railway Safety (China- China)
14: 15-14: 30 Ibrahim OZ (Head of Railway Transport Association, Turkey) - The Effects of Restructuring on Railways to the Sector and Transportation; Effect of Restructuring on the Railway Sector and Transportation (Turkey- Turkey)
14: 30-14: 45 Dipl.-Ing. Türker AHİ (Project Consultant - RAILISTICS GmbH) - The Vision of the Railway in the Global Market 2050; Railway Vision 2050 in Global Market (Germany- Germany)
14: 45- 15:00 Pablo MARTORELLI (President of the Argentine Railway Institute - Chairman- IAF - ARGENTINE INSTITUTE of RAILWAYS) Overview of the railway sector and new projects - Railway sector overview and new projects (Argentina-Argentina)
15: 00- 15:15 Maurizio MENEGHELLO (Railway Vehicles Team Leader - Rolling Stock Team Leader - RINA Services SpA) Introduction to the European Railways Market: CE Certification; EC Certification as Access to the European Railway Market (Italy- Italy)
15: 15-15: 30 Oytun ASLAN (Sales Manager - Sales Manager- IVU Traffic Technologies AG) Advances in vehicle technology - Advances in Rail vehicle Technology (Germany- Germany)



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