8 company offers bid for Eskişehir YHT Terminal project tender

Eskişehir YHT Garı project offers 8 tender for tender
Eskişehir YHT Station project was launched. 8 firm made a bid in the tender held in Ankara. The companies entering the tender offer offers ranging from 114 thousand to 1 million pounds. TCDD will announce the winning company in the coming days.
Eskişehir YHT station and station project to be made in Eskişehir was removed to the tender yesterday. The tender was made by TCDD in Ankara. Within the scope of the tender, which will take into account the lowest bid, the project is planned to be prepared, exploration, specifications and tender files of YHT station and station facility.
In addition, the tenderer will prepare platform, underpass, square and car parking arrangement, video editing and three-dimensional visuals.
The bids given by the firms entering the tender are as follows;
Uludag Architecture Consultancy 314 bin 800 lira, KMG Project Engineering 1 million 47 thousand pounds, Sodopak International Architecture 564 bin 400 lira, AKSA Project Consultancy 114 bin 200 lira, AGM Engineering 399 lira, Pro Structure Project 484 thousand pounds, Blue Fairy Architecture 400 bin 758 lira.
After the bids received by the tender commission are evaluated, the winning company will be announced by TCDD in the following days.

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