Eskişehir Konya YHT Opens

Eskişehir Konya YHT: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who will come to Eskişehir by high speed train on 23 March 2013 at 12:30, will open Konya - Eskişehir high speed train services at Eskişehir Station at 13.00. During the ceremony, a connection will be established with Konya via teleconference system.
Travel time on the 355 km Eskişehir - Konya YHT line will be 2 hours. The travel time between the two cities, which is 7,5 hours by conventional train and 5.5 hours by bus, will be significantly reduced. YHTs; 08.30 and 14.30 from Eskişehir; They will depart from Konya at 11.30 and 18.00. With the supply of new YHT sets, the number of trips will increase.
Eskişehir-Konya YHT flights, Bursa bus connection will be provided. Konya-Bursa travel time with bus 8 hours, YHT + bus connection will be reduced to approximately 4 hours.
As it is known, 20 flights between Ankara and Eskişehir, 16 voyages between Ankara and Konya on a daily basis have made 10 million people move to date. In the Ankara-Eskişehir track, 55 has a share of 10, while 37 has a share of 18. Train share with 8 increased to 72 after YHT. In Ankara-Konya, 70 has a share of 18 and 29 has a share of 17. Even without the share of the share of the train, the share of 65 after YHT received.
Following the opening ceremony, the AK Party Provincial Advisory Council meeting will be held at Anemon Hotel at 15.00. Erdogan, 20.00'de Ataturk Stadium in the Turkish World Culture Capital will be held at the opening ceremony.

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