Eskişehir Konya High Speed ​​Train Schedules Start in 23 March

Eskişehir Konya High Speed ​​Train Flights 23 starts in March: High speed train services between Eskişehir and Ankara are finally starting to Konya. Eskişehirlilerin Konya by train, but this time with a high-speed train can go direct flights. Although he had been on the agenda for a long time and he was told that he would start by the authorities, it had been a matter of curiosity that the line could not be opened. However, it was learned that 23 will now be operational in Konya on March and the Eskişehir people will begin to serve.
The 6-hour journey to Konya is now reduced to 1 and a half hours. The word “Go, come Konya 6 hours”, which is very famous in the society, is almost history with the high-speed train commencing. to download.
It is expected that bus transfer services will be organized in Bursa and Istanbul passengers who want to take advantage of this short journey. It is also stated that the high speed train services to Bursa from Bursa will be expanded by the introduction of Konya flights.
On the other hand, 23 learned that the high speed train that will make its first flight to Konya in March will be announced to the public in the coming days and times.
AKP Eskişehir MP Salih Koca, who we received his views on the issue, announced that they will follow the flights to Istanbul, which will start in 24 March.
Koca said that Eskişehir will be connected to Konya after Ankara by high-speed train with Konya flights, where the Prime Minister will give his first start; “Istanbul is starting until the end of this year. Next year there is Bursa. Currently, intensive studies are continuing between Bilecik and Bursa. We will also connect Bursa to Eskişehir by high-speed train next year. ”
Stating that they will connect Eskişehir to all centers by rail transportation after air and road transportation, Deputy Salih Koca said the following in his words; “Cities that have solved the transportation problem have also solved many problems. We will have solved the transportation problems in all aspects of Eskişehir. In this way, we will increase the prosperity of the city with future industrial investments and other contributions.

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