Safety Belt Saved Life

Young couple in a somersault vehicle on the Denizli Antalya Highway, the seat belt was saved from the accident without a break.
The accident occurred at noon Cankurtaran located on the Denizli Antalya Highway. 26 64 117 XNUMX led by Ahmet Laçinkaya (XNUMX) from Antalya to Antalya. Ahmet Laçinkaya and his wife Fatoş Laçinkaya, who were in the vehicle drifting to the edge of the road by a somersault, survived the accident without even getting scarred by the safety belt they wore. Ambulance crews following the accident checked the health status of the young couple. Ahmet Laçinkaya, the driver of the vehicle, said that due to heavy rainfall, the car slipped in a moment and said, L Even though we went slow, our vehicle rolled over. But as always, our seat belt was fitted. That's how we survived the accident. Our vehicle was damaged, but it made us both happy that we didn't have anything Ara.
Police teams from the scene launched an investigation into the accident.

Source: İhe


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