TULOMSAS will produce the world's locomotive needs

TULOMSAS will produce the world's locomotive needs
Turkey, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa locomotives will be manufactured in Eskisehir.
GE will expand its partnership with TÜLOMSAŞ by producing 50 locomotives in the next two years. In Turkey, it will produce 20 locomotives to TCDD. This partnership, Turkey and create sustainable production and employment opportunities in North America.
General Electric (GE) and TÜLOMSAŞ are taking their strategic partnerships one step further and in the next two years, 20 aims to produce a total of 30 PowerHaul locomotives including TCDD, 50 and foreign market. The locomotive production center is Eskişehir; Turkey, Europe, the Middle East and the locomotives will be exported to North Africa will be positioned as the main center. . GE's latest technology, PowerHaul, is largely fuel-efficient and low-emission, ili said Lorenzo Simonelli, President and CEO of GE Transportation. GE Transportation supports TULOMSAS with leading technologies; This partnership Turkey's innovation, technological development and investment in railways focusing on providing value-added 2023 target, "he said.
D, powerhaul design of locomotives, 150 million dollar invests in technology development and transfer to Turkey. 50-100 units are planned to be produced and 30-70 will be exported. Potentially, the export revenue is expected to reach a total of 1,5 billion dollars.
In the official presentation of the 3 PowerHaul locomotive produced in cooperation with GE-TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir TÜLOMSAŞ facilities, Lorenzo Simonelli, GE Transportation President and CEO, GE Transportation Europe, General Manager of Middle East and North Africa Gökhan Bayhan and TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı President of ESO Savaş Özaydemir , ETO President Harun Karacan, MÜSİAD Branch Chairman Dr.Sıtkı Karaca NGO representatives, businessmen and Tülomsaş workers participated.
Speaking at the meeting, Chairman and CEO of GE Transportation Lorenzo Simonelli, Turkey's scientific and technological innovation in this partnership underlines the contribution it provides to its goal of becoming one of the main centers.
Employment opportunities for Turkish engineers
World over about 50 thousand GE locomotives are used emphasizing Simonelli in more than 17 countries, he continued: "With our cooperation with TULOMSAS Turkey and the United States and will create employment and also will promote infrastructure growth in Turkey. We share our knowledge and experience in the field of cutting-edge locomotive production with TÜLOMSAŞ and we work together with Turkish engineers and technicians to produce the latest technology locomotives. "
TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı said that the most advanced and advanced technology locomotives in the world are very important for TÜLOMSAŞ facilities to be produced with TÜLOMSAŞ's know-how, expert labor force, facilities and capabilities. As a result of this partnership, Avcı emphasized that high value added technological products will contribute to national and international markets as a result of realization of sales transactions. The performance of meeting the quality requirements of the TÜLOMSAŞ employees in the first produced locomotives has been appreciated by the international auditing organizations. the audience smiled.
Innovative, faster and more efficient
Compared to other freight locomotives, PowerHaul is a more powerful, cleaner and more fuel efficient locomotive. GE PowerHaul Locomotive, V-16, with twin turbo 3,700-GHPor, 2.750 kW engine, 6 axle, advanced AC traction system and dynamic braking, is designed for more horsepower and traction to support light axle-load applications. Produced with the aim of providing innovative solutions to today's environmental problems, PowerHaul Locomotives reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 9 percent compared to other locomotives in line with GE's commitment to energy efficiency. The PowerHaul Series also complies with EU Stage emission standards and offers a flexible platform, easily adapting to local requirements. In addition to the ergonomic design of the locomotive cabin and providing maximum efficiency, it also offers a smooth operating experience with its dynamic braking feature during heavy load transportation.

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