Light rail system required to Diyarbakır

Diyarbakir light rail system needed: World Bank Turkey Director Martin Raiser and Sustainable Development Program Leader Stephen Karam with experts from the World Bank visited the Metropolitan Mayor Osman Baydemir.

World Bank Sustainable with Turkey Director Martin Raiser Development Program Leader Stephen Karam with the World Bank Turkey Country Office Representatives, after a visit to Diyarbakır Trade and Industry Chamber, Diyarbakir (Amed) Mayor Osman visited Baydemir. Welcoming his guests together with Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Fahrettin Çağdaş, Baydemir said that Diyarbakır has a history of 8500 years and that 33 civilizations were built with hard work.

Stating that Diyarbakır's first and autumn is beautiful, Baydemir said, “This spring, we live the political spring hope together. I hope the climate of peace will be real and permanent ”. Stating that equality, justice and freedom are the infrastructure of political stability, Baydemir stated that they see tourism potential as one of the development tools. Baydemir stated that they see tourism as a peace project between beliefs and cultures, and explained their exemplary works.

Explaining that the forced migration from the countryside to the city in the 1990s negatively affected the quality of the building structure of the city, Baydemir stated that in the following years, they implemented an urban planning above the European average and that later buildings received engineering services, and previous buildings did not receive engineering services.

For the first time Metropolitan World Bank came to the Municipality Turkey Director Martin transformation of lacking building from Raiser, engineering services, carry they want to implement various social housing projects, light rail, said that many areas in the resource need such systems.

Raiser gave information about the project carried out by the World Bank on the Sustainable Cities Project.

Source: UAV

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