Diyarbakır Requests Support for Urban Light Rail System Project

Diyarbakır Requests Support for Urban Light Rail System Project
Mayor Osman Baydemir went to Ankara to make various contacts with the Mayor of Yenişehir, Selim Kurbanoğlu and Vice President İhsan Uğur about urban services.
Baydemir and Kurbanoğlu Minister of Environment and Urbanization Erdogan Bayraktar, Interior Minister Muammer Guler and Prime Minister Undersecretary Efkan Ala visited in his office.
Baydemir met with Minister of Environment and Urbanization Erdoğan Bayraktar, Interior Minister Muammer Güler and Prime Minister Undersecretary Efgan Ala. Baydemir light rail system to be implemented to the Bank of Provinces said they expected a positive response to the 250 million pounds loan application.
Transportation Master Plan and Diyarbakir City Light Rail System Project, which is completed the implementation of projects that express Baydemir, said they were looking for credit in the implementation phase.
Baydemir noted that the Bank of Provinces gave loans for the transportation infrastructure of Bursa, Kayseri and Gaziantep and they had applied for a loan of 13.5 million TL from İller Bank for the implementation of the light rail system of 250 kilometers as Diyarbakır.
Diyarbakır Transportation Master Plan entered into force.
Baydemir stated that they started to implement the short and medium term outputs of the Transportation Master Plan and that the public resource of the study together with the wasteful wasteful use of the work brought along.
Baycemir said that the viaduct working projects of the highways were revised on the route where the Light Rail System will pass.
”The project has been changed in the viaduct works carried out by the Highways from the Bus Station to Seyrantepe. The projects were renewed to pass the Light Rail System. This means a resource savings of at least 100 million lira in the future. With this consultation and participation, resources will be used correctly and the service will be progressed faster.
The restoration of the Walls of Diyarbakir in the process of UNESCO can offer a serious accelerating effect, indicating that Baydemir, asked for support from the government.

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