Disabled People Met in Erciyes Ski Center

disabled people from various provinces of Turkey, met at Mount Erciyes Ski Center.

Under the sponsorship of Kayserigaz, 13 disabled people from 150 provinces attended the “Erciyes Meeting for the Disabled” organized by the Alberg Youth Sports Club and Erciyes AŞ Disabled Sports Club.

Various tournaments such as Hearing Impaired Skiing and Sleding Competition, Slimming Persons with Disabilities, Skiing shoes and 100 meter Disabled Race were organized.

In the event where people with disabilities enjoyed themselves, a plaque was given to the athletes and institutions and organizations that supported the organization.

In his speech at the plaque ceremony, Kayserigaz General Manager Hasan Yasir Bora said that they are happy to share the happiness of the disabled people at the “Erciyes Disabled Meeting”.

Bora said, “As the Kayserigaz family, we have continued our activities for the province of Kayseri and the people of Kayseri for 10 years with the awareness of our social responsibilities. In the next period, we will continue to support sports and athletes and to give back to Kayseri what we bought from Kayseri ”.

AK Party Disability Coordination Center President Murtaza Yetis, AK Party Deputy MP, AK Party Ankara Deputy Tulay Selamoglu, AK Party Istanbul deputy Gursoy Erol and AK Party Kayseri deputies İsmail Tamer and Ahmet Öksüzkaya also attended.

Source: sondakika




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