Law on Liberalization of Railways adopted

Law on Liberalization of Railways adopted
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that they gave importance to the railway as in the first years of the republic, they invested.
Parliamentary Public Works, Transportation and Tourism Commission in TCDD Transport Inc. of Turkey on Liberalization of Railway Transport bill providing for the establishment was accepted.
Speaking at the negotiations on the draft, CHP Istanbul Deputy Haluk Eyidogan stated that the railways have lost their reliability and that there have been serious accidents. Claiming that this situation is due to working conditions, idleness and favoritism, Eyidogan said, "This situation that the railways fall into today also suits those who support the privatization of TCDD."
CHP Istanbul Deputy Aykut Erdoğdu, the privatization; He said that it makes sense when it results in increased competition and employment and falling prices. Stating that the privatizations made, however, did not bring this result, Erdoğdu said, “We privatized Telekom. Although prices in technology fell, it did not decrease in Telekom. Also, employment did not increase. This drama can be experienced in TCDD. After selling Telekom, we reduced tax by 10 points. So 350 trillion. "Fixed line fee of 20 million lira came to each subscriber," he said.
CHP İzmir Deputy Musa Çam argued that the word "liberalization" in the draft bill was a "shy" term, in fact, it meant privatization. Claiming that privatization is camouflaged, Çam said, “You are opening the railways to the market. We must keep what the public should have. Strategic business lines should be carried out by the public ”.
Çam said that with the enactment of the bill, the employees will become completely insecure, and that outsourcing and trade unionization will be prevented.
CHP Antalya Deputy Yıldıray Sapan reminded that Minister Yıldırım announced that they have invested 10 billion liras in railways in the last 26 years, “If the railways are still making a loss despite this much investment, this is your failure. It's not hard to understand why you're constantly customizing. Because you don't have a policy based on production. You sell the rafta, but those on the shelf may end one day, ”he said.
Slings also said that the failure to investigate the causes of domestic automobile production in Turkey.
(Revolution) I wish I had not been interrupted
Responding to the criticism of the deputies, Minister Yıldırım, stating that everyone knows what happened to the Revolution car, said, “I wish there was no interruption, the studies had continued. Today we would have a local automobile brand, ”he said.
Lightning, the expression of liberalization should not be perceived as privatization, said that they want to open the existing facilities for use of others.
Minister Yıldırım said that they have been making great efforts to construct new railways on the one hand and renew existing railways on the one hand, and some of the railways they renewed have not been touched for 10 years. Stating that the railway lines could not work with sufficient efficiency, Yıldırım said, “We need at least 100 more years for what we have done on railways to manifest itself. It would be unfair to say 'no investment'. We care about and invest in railways as in the first years of the republic. After this law, investments in railways will increase. The law allows this, ”he said.
Referring to the criticism about Telekom, Yıldırım said that a serious public income was obtained in this privatization. Yıldırım stated that if this initiative had not been made in Telekom, today it would be a loss-making institution.

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