3 Investments are Planned to be Invested on 20 Billion Liras annually

3 Investments are Planned to be Invested on 20 Billion Liras annually
General Directorate of TCDD, 2013 billion 4 million pounds in 700, 2014 billion 7 in 672 million 956 thousand pounds, 2015 7 942 396 billion thousand pounds in XNUMX plans to invest a thousand pounds
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate, will invest over 3 years 20 billion pounds.
According to the AA correspondent, TCDD General Directorate, 2013-2015 years between vehicle repair and manufacturing, rail and maritime transport 20 billion 315 million 352 is aiming to spend a thousand pounds.
This year, 30 million liras for vehicle repair and manufacturing, rail transport 4 billion 490 million pounds, for the sea transport 180 million pounds, including a total of 4 billion 700 million pounds to be spent. 4 billion 700 900 million pounds allocated for the XNUMX million pounds is planned to be borrowed.
2014 million 63 thousand pounds for vehicle repair and manufacturing, 630 million 7 thousand pounds for rail transport, 327 thousand pounds for transportation to the sea, while 116 million 282 thousand pounds is intended to be spent.
2015 15 million 40 thousand pounds, vehicle transportation and manufacturing 7 678 856 248 500 million pounds, the sea transportation XNUMX million XNUMX thousand pounds is expected to be spent.
-2013 new projects in 8-
The 2013 4 700 1 5 will be invested for 2, 8 for railway transportation, 2 for rail transportation, and 19 for maritime transportation. 1 in production, 22 in rail transportation and XNUMX project in maritime transportation will continue in this year.
Of the 900 million lira loan received for the investments planned to be spent in railway transportation this year, 178 million 290 thousand liras from the Islamic Development Bank, 38 million 796 thousand liras from the World Bank, 479 million 644 thousand liras from the European Investment Bank and 203 million 270 thousand liras It will be met from the Chinese Eximbank.

Source : haberciniz.biz

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