Freight of Rail Transportation

📩 26/11/2018 17:59

Freight of Rail Transportation
Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said that the liberalization of railway transportation does not mean privatization, and that they aim to open existing facilities with the law to others.
Parliamentary Public Works, Transport and Tourism on the Commission, Turkey began the liberation of the Draft Law on Railway Transport interview. Providing information about the draft, Minister Yıldırım stated that they have invested a total of 10 billion TL in the railways in the last 26 years and emphasized that they aim to reach 2035 thousand kilometers of high-speed train lines by 10.
Stating that in many countries of the world, railway transportation started to be liberalized since the 1990s, Yıldırım said that almost all European countries apply this system. Stating that Turkey in many years work done in this regard, "we want to implement the system in railways, air port in the same job we did in 2003. We actually took this step by forming the General Directorate of Railway Regulation. With the liberalization of the railways sector, this institution will have duties such as the construction of new railways, authorization of organizations engaged in transportation activities on existing railways, and determination of working conditions. This institution will be responsible for safety, license and competition issues. The safety issue will be in a monopoly regardless of who owns the rail network. Traffic management will continue to be a monopoly, ”he said.
Minister Yıldırım stated that TCDD was assigned as infrastructure service provider and that the status will remain the same with the bill. In other words, other subjects other than passenger and freight transport will belong to this institution. Yani
By law TCDD Transportation Inc. Yildirim also said that a public company was established under the name of this company, the task would be only transportation, he said. Yildirim said, st Different companies will be established and can operate in our railway network. The Ministry will determine their working principles. If someone wants to build a new railway, the law does not allow it. Together with this law, we are able to make the railway, operation and return to the public after 49 years later. Bu
Noting that the private sector cannot say 'I will not let someone else's train here' on the railway built by it, Yıldırım said, “Another train can enter there by paying its fee. In our network, anyone who wants to pay the line price per kilometer will be able to transport, ”he said.
Yıldırım stated that the liberalization of railway transportation does not mean privatization and stated that they aim to allow the use of existing facilities with others by law. Stating that an arrangement for public service obligations has been introduced, Yıldırım said, belirten The railway is currently operating but still hurting. There are many lines, incomes can not cover expenses. We're bringing this into regulation. If the state asks for the continuation of the activities on certain lines, due to social responsibility, it will make the fee. The law provides this opportunity. Kan
Stating that the new railway and existing railway workers will not be victims in any way, Yıldırım said, çalışan There is no such arrangement as the pooling of personnel. Because there is already a shortage of staff. There will be incentives to retire, but it will not be mandatory Emek.


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