Champion snowboarders cut breath

The demonstration of the champion snowboarders, who participated in the competition held in Kartalkaya, Bolu, by jumping from the ramps and rising by meters took their breath away.

Kartalkaya hosted world famous snowboarders. German, Austrian and Finnish prepared by the technical team and made in Turkey so far the largest 'Big Air' race of the 12-meter giant ramp ramp cut shows the breath of jumping snowboarders. To the 'Burton Pro'13' competition, Alessandro Boyens and Thomas Kigle from Germany, Teemu Kinnunen, Jesse Rontti, Niki Korpella and Sebastian Naumanen from Finland, Raphael Roux from France, Niklas Lundgren from Sweden, Joseph Ramsbacher and Alois from Austria While joining Lindmoser, athletes accelerated from snow-covered peaks, reaching an average speed of 150 kilometers at the 60-meter entrance of the jump ramp. The athletes who rose to the air about 25 meters tried to collect points in order to continue the World Snowboard Tour. The snowboarders' performances were watched with interest by the ski enthusiasts who filled the tracks.

Source: evening



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