It's a heartbreaker!

The ski lifts to the top of the Alpine mountains are the new favorite of adrenalin enthusiasts.

- Cable cars, which offer alternative options for those who want to look at the world from above and who love adventure, attract great attention. The ropeways in Germany, Austria and Switzerland attract attention with their different designs and increase the dose of adrenaline. The world's first open-top cable car in Stanserhorn, Switzerland, crosses mountains and hills at an altitude of 1898 meters. It offers adrenaline and plenty of oxygen to adventurers throughout the journey, as well as spectacular views of three countries, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The 2-person VIP ropeway in Austria, on the other hand, attracts the attention of couples with the interior design of the BMW 7 series and its technology that gives the view from the screen. The glass-bottomed cable car in Germany is the choice of those who want to feel the excitement under their feet. Those who look down hundreds of meters are filled with adrenaline from head to toe.

Source: the gazetevat



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