BURULAŞ's investments exceed 155 million TL

BURULAŞ's investments exceed 155 million TL
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, BURULAŞ 4 155 announced that the amount of investments in the year exceeded XNUMX million.
President Altepe gave information about BURULAŞ at the council meeting held in the historical building in Heykel. Emphasizing that BURULAŞ is an institution with 100 percent municipal capital and that he is the chairman of the board of directors, Mayor Altepe said that the amount of the investments they made in 4 years through this institution exceeded 155 million TL. Mayor Altepe, who stated that as the Metropolitan Municipality, used the municipal economic organizations to the fullest in their works to make Bursa stand out and become a brand city with all its riches, and that BURULAŞ is one of the leading companies, Mayor Altepe said, “We always carried out these activities in front of the public. We make a statement saying ´. The services we have performed in the last 4 years are known to everyone. While we make all these investments, we evaluate the companies we own to the full ”. Emphasizing that BURULAŞ currently operates the Bursa Bus Terminal, purchased and operated ships for BUDO, which runs between Istanbul and Bursa, again leased seaplanes and started sea flights between Istanbul and Bursa, President Altepe said, “In addition to all these works, Cumhuriyet Caddesi including all tram lines in the city are being built by BURULAŞ. Also, metro and tram wagons are bought by BURULAŞ. Only BURULAŞ's investments in Bursa in 4 years exceeded 155 million TL ”.
Mayor Altepe also referred to the Court of Accounts report about the Metropolitan Municipality recently. Stating that the report is not a definite judgment and is a prediction, President Altepe stated that these predictions were evaluated incorrectly. Mayor Altepe said, “We made our necessary objections as a municipality. Because the claims put forward do not have any truth. No such thing. BURULAŞ is entirely owned by the municipality, its capital is fully paid by the municipality. There is no problem. Suppose there is such a thing, even then, the excess money paid to BURULAŞ is determined and the detected money is transferred back to the Metropolitan Municipality account. There is no negative situation in this, ”he said.
Mayor Altepe, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Stadium, the contractor company has not reported the debts. Altici said that the contractor firm has been paid 56 million TL to the contractor so far, and that the construction slow down from time to time caused by the contractor's internal problems.

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