Bursaray escorts married couples

Bursaray escorts married couples
BURSA Metropolitan Municipality's rail system, which carries 200 thousand passengers every day, consists of 100 out of 6 drivers of BursaRay. 4 of the female drivers got married to the male drivers of BursaRay. Married couples whose shift hours are combined by their managers are satisfied with their lives.
BursaRay, operated by BURULAŞ within the Metropolitan Municipality, carries an average of 200 thousand people every day, on average 220 thousand weekends. A total of 6 train drivers, 100 of whom are women, are working at BursaRay. Zeynep Özbaşaran, one of the female drivers, is married to Recep Özbaşaran and Yasemin Kaderoğlu Cengiz Kaderoğlu, and Yasemin Aktay Bahadır Aktay and Aydanur Mutlu and Ergün Mutlu. Stating that her friends Aydanur Mutlu is still on maternity leave, the female train drivers said that they work 8 hours a day.
Zeynep Özbaşaran, who said that her executives usually write their shifts at the same time by their husbands, said, “We are six women. The four of us, single, married our colleagues we fell in love with here. We have kids and beautiful home. We understand each other very well because we know the stress we experience at work very well. ”
Some of the passengers could not believe their eyes when they saw the female drivers, some of them came to them and said, 'Are you real?' Yasemin Aktay, Zeynep Özbaşaran and Yasemin Kaderoğlu explained the interesting events they could not forget as a female train driver:
“We have experienced and are experiencing very interesting events. The birth pains of a pregnant expectant mother kept her on the journey. We were very impressed when we saw him. We immediately warned the officers, we asked for an ambulance from 112 Emergency Department. In addition, we will never forget that a mother forgot her 4-month-old girl in a carriage. It was very interesting. We took care of the baby for 20 minutes until his mother came to mind and returned. One of our passengers forgot two crutches in the wagon. We were very surprised to see these wands. Then we handed it over to the escrow. During a journey we made, we saw that all passengers in the wagon had landed at the previous stop before passing through the Şükraniye Viaduct. We were surprised. When we asked what was going on, a passenger in the wagon said, 'This train passes to test the viaduct. We saw that people were getting out of the car because it was rumor that 'it might fall'. It was not easy for us to persuade them. ”
When the female train drivers saw a retired teacher, she added that they could not forget the moment when she said, "Atatürk would be very proud if he saw your success."

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