Bursanin 16 Annual Railway Challenge Photography Exhibition was opened in TCDD station

Bursanin 16 Annual Railway Challenge Photography Exhibition was opened in TCDD station
21. and 22. 41 annual politician Kemal Demirel, who was the deputy of Bursa, exhibited his triumph of bringing the railway to Bursa, which he started years ago and opened in history, at the TCDD Station in Ankara.
Railway to Bursa, which he started 16 years ago kazanBursa former Deputy Kemal Demirel, who opened the exhibition consisting of clippings and photographs of the works he has done so far within the framework of the struggle to fight against the fire, at the TCDD Art Gallery in Ankara, exhibited the victory he had achieved in his 16-year struggle.
Railway to Bursa kazanKemal Demirel, who stated that he started his struggle to fight for a fight 16 years ago after seeing a news in a local newspaper, said, “Bursa is an important city in Turkey, such a city did not have railway transportation. Actually there was, but later they canceled it. Before I started to struggle for a railway to come to Bursa, there was a news in the Bursa press, 'Train is coming to Bursa'. I did a research, unfortunately, even 1 lira allowance was not put. Thereupon, I set out to fight as a politician until the train arrived in Bursa. First, I held a press conference at the Harmancık Gökçedağ train station, and then I started petitions. With the arrival of the railway in Bursa, I emphasized the importance of railway transportation in order to prevent traffic terror, and therefore I traveled to Turkey. In this sense, I traveled 39 provinces, 8 districts, 77 thousand kilometers, and personally walked 250 kilometers. I maintain my determination for this transportation to come to Bursa until the people of Bursa get the train. About 5 months ago, the groundbreaking ceremony was held due to the high-speed train coming to Bursa. Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Çelik invited me to the podium and thanked me for my struggle.”
Kemal Demirel stated that he had dreamed about his dreams when he first started his struggle. He said: olduğun They told me that train was Kemal, Chuf çuf Kemal was Kemal, and the railway was Kemal. But today the train comes to Bursa, and I live the happiness of it. I saw the most on this issue from CHP organizations, my wife, Bu he said.
Kemal Demirel's wife Nimet Demirel, who gave the biggest support in the 16 annual struggle, said, esinde Your dreams are about to come to an end. When the challenge began 16 years ago, everyone saw it as a dream. We're getting the result of the struggle. It was a very bold struggle. We will leave a beautiful escrow to our children. Çocuklar
Kemal Demirel's exhibition of clippings and photographs in the 16 annual struggle was attended by Turkish Parliamentary Union President, Trabzon Deputy Volkan Canalioğlu, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman and Demirel, his politicians who supported the 16 annual struggle. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the march of Demirel was not a political but a sincere walk. He said iller I imagine that all of our deputies walk 'we want to train'. This is not a political walk, but a hearty walk. All the railroads appreciate this. We're an agent who wants the train sincerely. His breathing has never decreased. Today we have seen the memories from past to present. I am a man who has made a great effort and I congratulate him on behalf of all the coaches. After that, I would like to ask for railroaders to walk on time ”.
Trabzon Deputy Volkan Canalioğlu participates in the exhibition since Trabzon as the people of the 1924 said that they want a railway since Karaman, "no walking to Trabzon," he gave a witty answer. Volkan Canalioğlu said, büyük Our biggest wish in Trabzon is to see the railway. The project of the Erzincan, Rize, Trabzon, Giresun railway lines continues. We are following closely. Mr. General Manager and the Minister are carrying out studies Say.
Doğu We have the east-west axis, from Istanbul to Kars. There is a Kars-Tbilisi line that we do together with the 2023 country. And Georgia, both between Turkey and Azerbaijan made a mistake. We are developing the line to connect that line to Istanbul and then to Europe, and we started to make projects to connect Trabzon to that line. 3 is in Trabzon. I hope it is a bit difficult to do, ır he said.
Karaman gave a model of a train to Demirel.

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