Yolçatı Bridge Opened to Traffic in Bursa

With the goal of açıl comfortable Bursa çalış, Yolçatı Bridge, which was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality, was completed with the ceremony.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, indicating that the era of transportation in Bursa, said that the road between Yolçatı Bridge Yolçatı and Doğanköy relax. . We care that Bursa is a more accessible and healthy city. Yolçatı and the former name of the region called Göbelye, we are experiencing the joy of resolving the hardship that has been experienced for many years. Yol
The excitement of serving Bursa, Altepe emphasized that they work without any day and night for the happiness of the people. Gündüz With an average population of 50 thousands in history, the center of Bursa today has a population of over 2 million. We are making 3 in 2 for transportation in this area. Tramway construction continues in Bursa. In this period, we are building the city with iron nets. 22 km rail system in the history of the city, the last 4 26 km rail system in the year we bring Bursa. Domestic vehicles, modern trams about 3 months after the city will begin to serve, Yer he said.
Yolçatı's way of relief
In addition to the works done in order to breathe Bursa's transportation, as well as the bridges needed to remind the President Altepe, "Doğanköy and Yolçatı transportation between this region will be more relaxing with the bridge of Yolçatı," he said.
30 length of 16 m with a single span 28 m length of each foot foundation 30 units 120 cm height 140 cm bored pile on the president that says that President Altepe, bridge on each base on two legs, on the beam beams 30 cm height 12 m height The pre-stressed prefabricated 1,9 has been crossed with bridge beams. Altepe on the bridge girders, reinforced concrete slabs and bridges and road connections were opened to traffic between the village of Doğçatı Altepe explaining, the cost of the bridge in the XNUMX million TL, he said.
The headman of the Yolçatı neighborhood Feridun Uludağ thanked President Altepe for his investments in the region. After the speeches, President Altepe, AK Party Province Board Member İbrahim Okur, AK Party Nilüfer District President Alpaslan Yıldız and Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats cut the ribbon with the ribbon.

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