Bursa T1 tramway purchase auctions | The tender offers for the purchase of 1 pieces of low base tram vehicles for the BURSA T6 TRAMVAY line were opened (Special News)

Bursa T1 trolley vehicle procurement tender: For the BURSA T1 TRAMVAY line, 6 Piece low-base trolley vehicle tender tender offers were opened.
Bursa Transportation Bulk Stone. İşlt. San.ve Tic.A.Ş. (BURULAŞ) held the tender for the purchase of 1 pieces of low floor trams for use in Bursa T6 Tramway Line. Two companies participated in the tender for the vehicles to be used in Bursa T15.03.2013 tram line.
The participating companies and their offers were as follows:
PESA (Poland): 11.100.000 EUR
DURMAZLAR (Turkey): EUR 10.329.000 million
The lowest valid bidder DURMAZLAR happened. The result will be announced after the bid evaluation process.



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