Bombardier Transportation Company Profile

Bombardier Transportation Company Profile
Bombardier Transportation
Bombardier is the only manufacturer in the world that manufactures both aircraft and trains.
offers smart transportation solutions that set standards.
Headquarters Bombardier Transportation, located in Berlin, the capital of Germany
is the world leader in technology. Bombardier Transportation, with its strategy of continuous improvement, today
and offers the most innovative, sustainable and cost-effective railway solutions for the future. from 60
rail transport system in more countries and 100.000 vehicles operating
proves its unique strength in project management, technology innovation and system integration.
Bombardier Transportation in Turkey
Since 1986 years operating in Turkey Bombardier Transportation, Istanbul, Ankara,
Metro, light rail and tram systems in various cities such as Izmir, Adana, Eskisehir and Bursa
It provides. Bombardier not only provides vehicles for these systems, but also
Signalization technology that allows LRT systems to be in high capacity and safe
It offers.
Bombardier, Turkey as an indication of the importance given to the market, in the year 2008 Global Order in Istanbul
The Alma Office set up. The office has long-term cooperation with Bombardier's worldwide projects
to reach the potential Turkish suppliers and continue to work to improve this cooperation.
It will bring a different dimension in Turkey who want to promote their Bombardier sustainable transport solutions,
It evaluates opportunities for strategic cooperation with Turkish companies. Turkey, great
rail system in high-speed rail lines for urban public transport and intercity transport in cities
is one of the countries with the greatest potential in the railway market.
It is one.
Bombardier public transport and new technologies in the field of e-mobility, Turkey's rich geography
can integrate seamlessly.
The world's leader in railway equipment manufacturing and rail services
The mission of Bombardier Transportation, which adopts development strategy,
to provide sustainable and cost-effective railway solutions.
Bombardier Transportation'n Tools and Services in Turkey

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