Bolu People Could Not Understand The High Speed ​​Train Event

Bolu People Could Not Understand The High Speed ​​Train Event
Since everyone living in Bolu is busy looking for a street to pass by pedestrians or drivers, I guess no one could grasp the High Speed ​​Train incident. Let's explain a little bit today, when you can get on this train, which takes between Ankara and Konya in 1,5 hours and reduces Ankara-Eskişehir to 1 hour, for example, you will arrive in Ankara in 30 or 35 minutes or you will arrive in Istanbul in 1 hour and 15 minutes. . Let's think about what this will bring to you. It will increase tourism activities, facilitate commercial activities, and hopefully train patients to large hospitals when necessary, and transport students. You will be able to leave your home at 8 o'clock in the morning and be in Istanbul after 1 hour to finish all your work and return to your home in a hurry or bored You will be able to eat a fish in the Bosphorus and fill your lungs with the Bosphorus air! .
Isn't that beautiful?
So I invite all bolulans to be sensitive about this.

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