Expert of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Close to the road he found right

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka in the town of 3 million TL Roads covering the road made of wire mesh. In the case filed against the Regional Directorate, the expert report came. Indicating that the exit of the motorway is dangerous by the municipality of the secondary expert, found the municipality unfair.
The Metropolitan Municipality completed the 35 meter-wide double-lane road connecting Örnekköy to Yeni Girne Street and from there to the ring road. Roads on the grounds of road safety and accident risk, the 1 mile long road was covered with barriers. The expert report on the Kyrenia Street Connection Road, which the municipality carried to the judiciary, arrived. While the proceedings before the administrative court for the annulment of the closure proceedings, the expert conducted an examination and found the Highways justified. The team went to the region and examined the works in the field and then presented the report to the court. The report stated that the municipality's road to Girne Street jeopardized the security of life and property on the highway. In the examination made according to the relevant laws and regulations of the Highways, yapılan the connection road made by the Metropolitan Municipality to the highway causes danger in transportation. According to the rules, the distance and the distances to the ring road do not fit. Kur

Source: showhaber



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