Best Ski Resorts in Europe

The best centers for skiing at the best price that does not burn pockets in Europe:

Pamporovo Ski Resort

Pamporovo, one of the most important ski resorts in Bulgaria, is one of the most preferred destinations in recent years.

You can find very cheap accommodation prices in Pamporovo. Untouched nature and historical places of interest. Pamporovo also has large forest areas where you can have wonderful nature walks. In addition, colorful night life attracts people to be preferred reasons.

There is also a swimming pool, sauna or bowling alley in the area. In short, Pamporovo is a paradise for winter sports,

Bansko Ski Resort

Bansko is one of the most preferred places for European skiers. Bansko has the largest ski resort in Bulgaria.

Bansko, which is a destination where the British usually spend their holidays, has been preferred by Turks in recent years. Also the 2014 winter olympics will be held here.

Borovetz Ski Resort

You can be amazed by the landscape when it snows in Borovetz, one of the oldest ski resorts on Rila mountain. This famous ski resort, which is home to thousands of tourists, manages to maintain its reputation for years.

Borovetz is a highly developed ski resort with several ski runs according to different difficulty levels.

Not only skiing in Borovetz; You can also find a variety of options to swim, massage, horse riding and snowmobiles.

The white cloth is a clear mountain air; nature lovers must see this place.

Insbruck Ski Resort

Insbruck is one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to winter tourism.

Insbruck; It is a destination preferred by nature enthusiasts and golfers during the summer and by skiers in winter.

Hundreds of skiers and many tourists are the pupils of Insbruck, mostly preferred by the Germans.

Three-quarters of Austria, which is founded on the Eastern Alps, is mountainous. It is known as one of the indispensable centers for winter tourism since there is plenty of snow in winter.

It's a small city but has a history that dates back to a long time. Everybody drives a bike in Insbruck, so you can rent a bike and take a nice city tour.

If you want to relax a bit away from the city life, to be intertwined with nature and to glide a lot, Insbruck is for you.

ST Moritz Ski Resort

Switzerland is the number one holiday center in Europe and preferred in every season. Because, the winter season opens in early October and lasts until April.

Hundreds of thousands of ski enthusiasts flock here every year. Close to the Swiss border of Switzerland. Moritz is one of the oldest ski resorts in the world.

St. Moritz; snowboard competitions, ski marathons, ice curling, polo races, ice cricket, music and gourmet festivals.

Flaine Ski Resort

Flaine in a French city on the Swiss border ... Flaine is literally a skiing paradise.

Cities such as Les Carroz, Samoens, around Flaine, are more attractive than Flaine for places to see, although not for skiing. See Sameons, especially.

In the city center there are sculptures of artists like Picasso and Dubuffet.

Uludag Ski Center

Uludağ in Bursa, one of Turkey's most popular ski resorts. 40 minutes from the center of Bursa. The summit is at the 2543 meter. Very suitable for activities such as snowboard, big foot, ice skating and snowmobile. It is also suitable for treking and camping during the summer months.

Uludag Ski Center I. and II. Development Zone consists of two separate regions. There are seven teleski and eight chairlifts in Uludağ, which are within a distance of 35 to Bursa.

Courchevel Ski Resort

The Geneva Courchevel is the 600 kilometer, the world's longest and largest runways, small, warm family hotels, roads and restaurants are generally preferred by skiers who are looking for comfort and comfort.

Even though there is constant snow with artificial snow machines, the lights at night are breathtaking, but the Courchevel is an artificial center organized by all kinds of skiers to do every snow sport, even with a beautiful mountain view.

At the 1850 meter Courchevel, there is a regular and real technology with helicopter space, artificial snow machines, telekabins, ropeways, ski lifts, ski schools, children's villages and hotels.

Mayrhofen Ski Resort

The Mayrhofen ski resort in Austria is only 630 meters above sea level. However, with the effective transportation system, you can find yourself at an altitude of 2250 meters.

The highest starting point for skiing is 2250, the lowest landing point is the 630 meter.
An important feature of Mayrhofen is that it is the first ski resort that organizes special activities for children in the Alps.

400's accommodation facility, 8600 bed, ski slopes suitable for skiers of all levels, we can call it a literal ski paradise for Mayrhofen.

In Mayrhofen, where there is a large influx of tourists during winter and summer seasons, great attention is paid to keeping everything interesting.

With its nature, houses and cows, Mayrhofen offers charming Alpine views.

Alpbach Ski Resort

The skiing in the Alpbach ski resort in Austria is a great pleasure to get to the slope and the spectacular mountain air.

One of the rare places to unexpectedly queue for skiing in Europe. A magical village, breathtaking weather of the Alps, a pleasant skiing environment ...

Alpbach also has the title of güzel Austria's most beautiful village Alp. For this reason, the locals are shaking on the village. Everything is very well maintained.

In the village, a decision was made in 1953, but in a traditional style house can be made.

The village also has a congress center. The congress center attracts attention with its architecture.

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