Başakşehir metro turned into snake story

Başakşehir metro turned into snake story
The opening of the Başakşehir metro, the construction of which began in 2006 and will be put into service in 2011, turned into a snake story.

It is claimed that some places in the Bağcılar Kirazlı station area, which is stated to cause delay in the metro, are the courts. The company, which does not talk about the problem and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is satisfied with saying that the line will open in 2013. The wagons of the subway are also kept in a warehouse next to the Atatürk Olympic Stadium.

The tunnels were completed in the Başakşehir metro line, the tracks were laid and the train cars were brought to the warehouse. Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, visited the train driving test in January in 2011 on site. Topbas here announced that the metro will be opened until the end of 2011 year. However, there are no dates announced by the authorities regarding the opening of the metro.

According to allegations, the secret of the delay of the metro lies in Bağcılar. It is claimed that some places in Kirazli station area are courts. However, the contractor and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality do not address this issue in their statement.

Doğuş Construction Group officials, one of the companies undertaking the construction of the line, argue that there is no problem in the construction of the line. Company officials state that innovations and additions that cannot be foreseen in such projects can be possible, but information about the opening date can be obtained from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Metropolitan Municipality states that the work is about to be completed and that the line will be put into service in 2013 following the completion of the work at Kirazlı station.


On the other hand, wagons bought for the line are kept around Atatürk Olympic Stadium. On the other hand, Başakşehir residents who are longing for the metro are curious about the opening date. Halil İbrahim Boztepe, one of the district's residents, said: “They had built construction in Bağcılar. That's why we heard it prolonged. There will be a choice that it will open. They won't open without choice. ” says.

Veysel Demirci says: “They left people in curiosity to do it first. They showed it to people in a finished state. This show was a complete show. Everything is done. Wagons are waiting there at the Olympic Stadium. Maybe it will rot there too. It is not only me why it has not started operating, but everyone is wondering how many regions there are in Başakşehir. Below is the industrial zone, there are lumberjacks. A suitable document for these. There are many organized industrial zones. All the people wonder why this subway has timed out. The line on the Anatolian side came into operation. This is the real industrial area. We would expect that here to be operational earlier. We expect it to open for 1,5 years. ”

Cemal Gökçe, Head of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, said that it is a serious problem that the Başakşehir metro, which has a very dense residential area, is not opened.

Underlining that the metro works should continue rapidly, Gökçe said, “The Başakşehir side is a place where Istanbul's workers, officers and people with low income live very intensely. There is also an Olympic Stadium in that area. Although it has been in the program for years, it is a serious problem that this subway does not open. Contracting flaws can be said here. Here, the defect of the municipality can be said. It can be said that it is not working quickly. It can be said that there is a serious negligence. It is necessary to open not only Başakşehir but also other regions. This negligence should be eliminated. The resulting defect and negligence should be eliminated. A period of time like 5 years. This is unacceptable. ” He spoke in the form.


The length of the subway that will serve between Başakşehir - Kirazlı - Olimpiyatköy is approximately 16 kilometers and the line has 11 stations. In addition, Olimpiyatköy has a warehouse and workshop building for trains. Some of the vehicles that will even work are kept in these warehouses. Kirazlı station is the common station of the Otogar-Kirazlı line built as a continuation of the existing M1 Aksaray-Bus Station-Airport line. With the transfer at this station, passengers getting off from Başakşehir can go to Aksaray. The stations on the mentioned metro line are as follows: Metrokent, Başak Houses, Siteler, Turgut Özal, İkitelli Sanayi, Olimpiyat, Ziya Gökalp Mahallesi, İSTOÇ, Mahmutbey, Yeni Mahalle, Kirazlı.

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