Description of the Minister Yıldırım

Description of the Minister Yıldırım
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim said that railways would be opened to private companies.
Minister Binali Yıldırım stated that State Railways will now be opened to the use of private companies and said, "In addition to the State Railways, those who want to transport freight and passengers on certain routes will be able to operate within the framework of the permissions of our Ministry's General Directorate of Railway Regulation."
Minister Yıldırım at the Istanbul Expo Center, ”Eurasia Rail-3. After the opening ceremony of the Railway Light Rail Systems Infrastructure and Logistics Fair, he answered the questions of the press members.
Upon the question of opening railway transportation to the private sector, Yıldırım said, “State Railways is now open to the use of private companies. Until now, railways were used only by the State Railways for passenger and freight transport. Just like in airports and highways, everyone will now be able to use the infrastructure. Railways will continue to operate, ”he said.
Stating that those who want to carry out freight and passenger transportation on certain routes besides the State Railways can also operate within the framework of the permissions given by the General Directorate of Railway Regulation, Yıldırım said, “For example, it will transport from Kayseri to Samsun, from Sivas to Samsun, It will carry other products, this transportation is currently being done by the State Railways. Someone else cannot. How is it on the road? We make the road, everyone carries out transportation. It will be the same here. By paying the required fee, they will provide their train, wagon, locomotive and carry out transportation. Same with the airline. We build the airport, but everyone can use it in a certain order. This is called liberalization ”.
Yıldırım said that there is demand on the subject, but since there is no legal opportunity in this regard, the demands could not be met until now, ”Railways are divided into two sections. One of them remains the same as the State Railway we know, as the infrastructure operator. The other is the normal bodywork operator. In other words, it turns into a company that will carry passenger and cargo transportation. The important point is that; "The maintenance, signalization and electrification of railways will remain in the hands of the state on railways."
Lightning, whatever happened to the airlines said it would be the same thing in the railways, "Aviation in 2003 what was in Turkey? There were 8,5 million transports. There were 300 thousand tons of cargo. Today we have 2,5 million tons of cargo. It has become possible to fly to 65 airports with 50 million people in the country. World aviation stagnated, or even declined took Turkey went to his head. He made the assessment that both the prices of the State Railways will become reasonable and the railways will be used more effectively.
"Can Turkish companies acquire foreign partners?" Lightning is the question, "Everyone has to be local companies, namely established under the laws of the Republic of Turkey for the Turkish company must be able to transport in Turkey. It does not matter if it comes from abroad, it may be a partner, but the company must be Turkish. It is separate in transit passes. There is a separate method of passing and entering our country ”.
In response to the question “When will the renovation begin on the Bosphorus Bridge”, Yıldırım said, “We are about to finish our work on this issue. We will announce to the public in a comprehensive manner the schedule and how to do it in advance. ”
In response to the claims that some trees were cut during the construction of the third bridge, Yıldırım said, “Let's not create a question mark in large projects with aphakia speeches. 3. North Marmara Motorway bridge and is vital for Turkey and Istanbul. In the project, all kinds of measures have been taken to protect the environment and in practice, maximum attention has been paid to it. There is no such thing as 'no way to the forest'. It is most logical to cut down a certain number of trees to save the forest. Moreover, the floor and excess of the trees to be cut will be planted. There is no need to worry about this issue, all kinds of measures will be taken. ”

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