Babadağ Ropeway Project to Increase the Value of the Region

Babadağ cable car project will increase the value of the region. Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Akif Arıcan argued that the value of Babadağ will exceed 50 million TL.

Akif Arıcan, Chairman of the Board of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said in a statement; "Since the early 2000s, it was thought to build a cable car in Fethiye." Babadağ Air Sports Center and Recreation Area, which was put out to tender by the Natural Heritage Conservation Board of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 17 June 2011, as FTSO, Fethiye Güçbirliği LTD ŞTİ. It bought with a rent of thousand TL. With the implementation of the ropeway project in 99 years, my contract will be extended for another 500 years. After the investment we will make, the value of the area with an estimated value of 5-24 million TL when we rented it is predicted to increase to the present value of 5 thousand 6 dollars, ie 31 million 850 thousand TL in the feasibility reports. As for the reason for the delay of the project, we finished the preparation process in 57 and submitted the project to the ministerial approvals and institutional opinions. Babadağ Air Sports Center, which we received from the Natural Heritage Protection Board affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, was transferred to the responsibility of the Ministry of Forestry with the amendment made in the law. The formalization of this change remained until December 330, 2012. We had to wait for the transfer process even though we did the necessary procedures. We also solved the problems of expropriation of privately owned places that emerged during this process. The tender process, which we plan to start in 31, has therefore delayed to the middle of 2012 ”.

Arıcan concluded his words as follows: “305 thousand visitors to Saklıkent and 416 thousand visitors to Kumburnu. We think that we can reach Babadağ 300 thousand visitors per year by building the cable car. In the world, there are places such as Ross Mountain and Musenalp in Switzerland, Monte Lussari in Italy, Seltschach - Arnold Stone in Austria, Chamonix / Monte Blanc and Annecy Treh in France where paragliding is performed. We examined them. Fethiye- Babadağ is definitely one of the most famous paragliding places in the world. We want to improve the quality of the service and operate it better. For this purpose, we are planning to open two new tracks at an altitude of 1700 and 1800 meters in 1900, besides 3 separate tracks at 2013, 850 and 1200 meters. Within the framework of our goal of increasing tourism to 12 months in Fethiye, the ropeway will be open for 12 months. We estimate that it will generate 300 thousand dollars a year. In Bergama, Ordu Boztepe, Kemer Tahtalı and Gaziantep Şahinbey where cable cars are built, more than expected visitor numbers have been reached. we aim for an annual increase of 5 percent according to the feasibility report. More than 3 million foreign tourists visit Muğla province annually. There are 46 percent British, 7 percent Dutch, 6 percent German, 6 percent Russian, 5 percent French and 30 percent tourists from various countries of the world. While foreign tourists spend an average of 5 days a night, local tourists spend an average of two days a night. As Fethiye, we plan to attract more foreign tourists and reach more overnight stays with such investments. It is clear that the longer the tourists visit Fethiye, the more they will contribute to the economic life in Fethiye.

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