Rock Parts Falling on the Road to Art, Makes Drivers Feel Hard

Rock pieces falling on the Artvin-Şavşat highway became almost a fearful dream of the drivers. Some parts of the road from time to time because of the rock pieces falling to the road crashed to the rock pieces of vehicles hit the vehicle damage was material damage. Drivers said they had a hard time reacting to this situation, prompting the authorities to take measures as soon as possible.
Drivers, especially in rainy weather, the size of the danger is more than the 10 of Artvin Şavşat Highway 40 km. Km (Variant Path-Cold water position) every 100-200 meter falling off the slopes due to falling stones, they say they had a hard time.
Stating that they are also exposed to accidents due to the rock pieces falling on the road, the drivers said, “The rock pieces falling from the slopes are not cleaned for hours, and there are no signs on the road. Due to the extreme bends of the roads, the rock pieces falling on the road make the road even more dangerous. The tires of our vehicles are cut because of the rock pieces. Stones falling on the road are not cleaned all day long. We drive our vehicles between the stones. The situation becomes even more dangerous, especially in rainy weather. As drivers, we pour out sweat. We are in great danger, ”they said.

Source: IHA


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