Antalya does not need rail system until 2030

Antalya does not need rail system until 2030
Metropolitan created the 'Urban Transportation Master Plan' by determining the transportation needs of the city until 2030 with a large-scale research. According to the draft report of the plan, Antalya does not need a rail system until 2030.
According to the draft report of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality 'Urban Transport Master Plan, Antalya does not need a rail system until 2030. According to the report that reveals the whole travel map of the city from Kemer to Serik in one day and brings alternative models according to the projection of 2030, after 2030, the rail system will only be on the agenda for Aksu, Döşemealtı and 100th Year corridors. The tool of the city to breathe easily in public transportation lies in the metrobus and its 100th Anniversary in making it the main transportation corridor with the 'surprising stop metrobus' in China.
He's in the final stage
The final stage has been reached in the Antalya Urban Transportation Master Plan made by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Within the framework of the works that started in April 2011, the Metropolitan Municipality held 4 different tenders regarding the planning processes. The draft work of the Transportation Master Plan, of which 615 thousand TL was spent, was completed and submitted to the management of the Metropolitan Municipality. The aim is to complete and finalize the Antalya Urban Transportation Master Plan in March.
Congestion status
According to the report, while 31 percent of the trips are made by public transportation in Antalya, 20 percent of the trips are made on foot and 21 percent by car. It was stated in the Master Plan that there are no sharp peaks in the hour distribution of daily travels in Antalya. In the plan, this situation is the most important indication of the size of their cities. The high summit shows that the crowds do not have to spread their journeys because the congestion is not very serious. '
Antalya traffic in 2030
According to the Transportation Master Plan prediction model, Antalya will consist of 2030 interior and 215 exterior regions in 5. In the report, which emphasized that the population living in these traffic regions, the number of students and employees, and the employment and school capacity of each region were determined by the master zoning plan, a traffic map was created for Antalya as follows: 215 intersections are connected by a main road network consisting of 2 road sections. ”
Six main transport corridors
The report, prepared according to the projection of 2030 million 2 thousand population for 200, revealed a series of alternative public transportation development scenarios. Accordingly, 6 public transportation corridors were determined throughout Antalya. These corridors report the 13.5 kilometers long 'Aksu Corridor' between Meydan and EXPO Fair Area, 25.2 kilometers long between Lara and Migros 'Lara Corridor', 16 kilometers long 'Varsak Corridor' between Migros and Varsak Municipality, 14.5 kilometers between Sarısu and Mevlana. The Konyaaltı Corridor was referred to as the "Gazi Boulevard Corridor" with a 17.3-kilometer line and the "Döşemealtı Corridor" with a 20-kilometer line between Fatih and the Organized Industrial Zone.
Rail system requirement
In the corridors of Aksu, Döşemealtı, 100. Yıl, it is stated in the report that the demands of 2030 journey volumes cannot be met with the mixed bus company and that a high capacity wheeled public transportation bus route, which is physically separated, is needed. The rail system was brought to the agenda for these three corridors in the report, and it was suggested that the design should be made considering the rail system in spite of the possibility that this may be needed after 2030. In the Lara Corridor, it was stated in the Transportation Master Plan that a regular bus operation was sufficient for the Varsak and Gazi Boulevard corridors, and that there was no need for infrastructure investments other than business, while the bus route stated that the demand could be met by the metrobus.
100. Year main transport corridor
In the 'summary report' prepared for the senior executives of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the 'surprising stop metrobus' system was proposed on the 100. Yıl Boulevard, where sunk outputs are found today. '100 for this model supported by photos from Lanzhou and Yinchuan cities of China. Although it is recommended to create a corridor with public transportation priority in the Year Corridor, as a prerequisite of this, the crossing of the level crossings in Gazi Boulevard must be folded and the transit traffic passing through the city center must be pulled from the 100th Year Boulevard to Gazi Boulevard.
How was the plan prepared?
The Antalya City Transportation Master Plan, whose draft study was completed, was shared among a narrow administrative group in Metropolitan. The goal of the plan was expressed as 'a dynamic plan that can be used to define short and medium term projects, and can be kept up-to-date by applying to developments occurring in the application determining the strategies and principles'. The plan prepared by the Transport-Art Transportation Research and Planning Company and the Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, the architect of Antalya's new public transportation system, consists of 4 reports and annexes.

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