Ankaray is crying again

Ankaray is crying again
Previously, the leakage occurred at the Ankaray-Kolej station, this time also took place in Tandogan. Wall and ceiling leaked water, staircase, causing the accumulation of the capital, "the Metro to ride without getting wet with you need to have an umbrella," he said.
Water leaking from the walls and ceilings at Ankaray-Tandoğan station caused deposits on the stairs. Indicating that the water leaked from the walls on the rainy days, the capitalists, as a precaution to put the bucket only reacted.
Ankaray'ın Tandoğan station citizens who use the station frequently, "the ride to the subway without getting wet with you need to have an umbrella," he said.
Previously, a similar leakage incident came to the inclination of Ankaray-College station. After Ankara Hurriyet brought the issue to the agenda with the news taş Scaring Leaks Sel, Selim Tulumtaş, the Ankara Branch President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO), used the following statements:
. In our study, we observed a flow of water to the College subway, and this water flow is very likely due to the Incesu Stream flowing in the direction of Dikimevi. It can also be a problem in the isolation of the box through which Ankaray passes. If the building insulation was waterproof, no leakage would occur.

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