Historical Three Hills will unite with cable car

Historical Three Hills will unite with cable car

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek gave information about the museum of faith and history to be made for Hıdırlıktepe, which has been mentioned for a long time and started to work with great excitement.

With the construction of the Museum of Faith and History, the history of the wake of the nation will be connected with the triple cable car line will be connected to the President of the Gokcek, ıla Hıdırlıktepe Hacı Bayram'a, Haci Bayram will also connect to the Castle with cable car. Traffic independent, from the capital's 3 different balcony will be followed both in Ankara and a historical journey, Trafik he said.

After the completion of the studies, Haji Bayram said that a journey to the past can be made on the in History Road of Ankara geç from the Hacı Bayram to Kale. Kayd The magnificent journey from the past to the present, walking between the historical monuments and the ancient ruins and reflecting the history of Ankara. visitors will have unforgettable memories ziyaret.

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