American Cities Trains with Tram

American Cities Trains with Tram
I have told you on several occasions that the American people have begun to move away from the use of private cars that are indispensable part of their lives, to use public transportation tools more and more, even in a world city like New York, every day 1,3milyon people go cycling to work. This change is accelerated with a new formation nowadays, many important city-center tram to meet, Portland and Seatleda trams are starting to serve, Washington DC, Oklahoma City, Cincinnati, and the city of Kansas are planning tram networks. Of course, California is taking the share of this change, beyond San Franciscon's nostalgic tramway, especially in southern California, the most important of which is the Los Angeles, 2016, a very comprehensive tram network is planned. By the way, who is stepping into these transformations? With the votes of the people of the city Kent
Let's take a look at how this adventure started in LA, the largest city in southern California.
There is a lawyer at the head of those who believe that the tram will ease the transportation in the city, and this group starts by searching the answer of the question of how the tram will be settled in the city center of LA. With the inclusion of a private finance fund, this formation is a first in California's history, perhaps a harbinger of financial support for other local projects.
At first glance, the trams 21. It can be seen as a weak option in the transportation models of the 20th century, especially in USA cities, and it may be possible to move slowly in the normal traffic in the streets compared to light rail systems. However, ongoing studies and discussions focus on the future of the cities in the future, which will be much more capable than trams, buses and ring services. In this sense, the Portland example sheds light on other cities, even us, trams, provides all the transportation within the city center, connects the city center to important points of the city, for example the harbor, university, health centers, and other cities are trying to adapt the Portland example to their own conditions. The fact is that all tramway projects aim to bring the most important places of life to each other easily. Almost all of them take their first steps with a small section of a few kilometers, Bursa also applies the same strategy as the T1 line, so when compared to light rail systems, they start the movement with a cheap investment, they embrace the city in a plan that is divided into years, there is a sculpture within the scope of BursaRay project, but the cost is so high that he is currently going to have a money chest o
Looking at the tram project applications in the US cities, LA stands out, experts emphasize that this practice is a history and identity project, and that we will be the city that does not create the world's best pedestrian-friendly and efficient climate change.
The business world is conducting a completely different target-based assessment of the tram-based transport system in the city, the main objective of the system is not the transportation but the economic development of the city, it aims at transportation-centric economic growth rather than economic growth-centered transportation.
This great life-change model in US cities, which is the model, pedestrian-tram-based urban transportation model that has been implemented in European cities for many years, opens up to all other world cities, including our cities, to be a clean and healthy city with minimum greenhouse gas emissions and healthy living in the city. ...

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