Kocaeli city should be informed about the train


Kocaeli city should be informed about the train
One of the policies I most appreciated and supported by the AKP government is that it attaches importance to the railways. Republic of Turkey, Atatürk's period attached importance to railway construction. Then it's forgotten. However, railway is the most economical and safest way to carry both passengers and cargo.
Now the government is in love with knitting the country. This is a very good thing. It is very important and positive for the future of our country. But how will this city be in relation to the railways? This city is suffering from this. No one knows in this city, no one explains it.
First thing, fast train .. Really important. The state's biggest project. You can take the train between Istanbul and Ankara at the 3 hour. Moreover, you will be extremely comfortable and economical travel. The part of the high-speed train from Istanbul to Ankara is being raised to 29 October this year. I hope and wish that it grows.
There are several rumors. The 60 kilometer of the high speed train between Istanbul and Ankara passes through our province. These two sides of the railway; It is said that the 3 meter will remove the ğinde sound-preventing ği wall. It is still unclear how people and vehicles will pass through the railway, where they will pass, where the underpass is, where the overpass will be made.
We cannot wait for the high speed train to be operated between Istanbul and Ankara at every station in our city. According to the rumor, this high-speed train will stop only in Gebze and Izmit in our province. Is it true? .. An official mouth should explain this.
Well, it's been announced recently. The state plans to build a second high-speed rail road from the north of our city in 10 years. It is said that this second high-speed train will not stop anywhere in our city. Lam Why? Açık lam The train passes through here, can this city go without stopping? Bu.
Moreover, it was also on the agenda that a third high-speed rail road from the south of our city to the rear side of Gölcük was towards Bursa. How's the route going? For this road in our city, where will be established quarries? ..
Somebody let him know. Let the city discuss it. Perhaps another, better recommendations come out.
The construction of the railway, which is still under construction, will go through the coast of Izmit. The first line is the fast train between Istanbul and Ankara. The second line is the port and logistics center of our known city. There will be a, freight line CD which will provide the connection to the TCDD Logistics Center in Köseköy with ports and logistic bases. That's all right.
The third line, which concerns our city. This line will be the suburban line between Istanbul and Adapazari. For our city, above all this
3 line three.
The commuter train should stop wherever you say it. Hereke, Izmit 42 Evler, Köseköy, Derbent; should take and drop passengers everywhere. Our province still has no railway connection. Kocaeli, this third line is waiting for the suburban line. He needs it. Recently, however, Transport Minister Binali Yildirim came to get information about the high-speed train. ”3 has problems with the third line,“ he said. If the suburban line between Istanbul and Adapazari is not to be built, this city will be miserable. Even more important than the high speed train for Kocaeli, 3 is the third line, the suburban line.
Where is the distress? .. Why is the boredom? .. This 3 has been abandoned from the construction of the third line? .. In these matters, the people of Kocaeli should be given information from the official mouths as soon as possible.
Sadly, the authorities of our province, the Governor, the Mayors and the deputies do not have the smallest knowledge about the questions I asked. They are elected or appointed to protect the interests of this city, but all they do is to implement Ankara's orders.
Look, the Ministry of Transport is opening the train operation on the railways built by the state to the private sector. If the 3rd line will be built between Istanbul and Adapazarı and suburban trains will operate, this organization will most likely be given to a private company. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality can take this job by establishing a joint company. Or Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality can undertake this task alone. Definitely money kazanIR.
But we need to act now. Thinking, planning, taking steps.
Will 3 be the third line, the suburban line?
Where will the fast train stop?
This city is not a herd of sheep. Whatever you give, you expect us to eat it.
Bored of this city, was bored. Always beat the right. He was always shoved. The future of this city was never planned. As the promises made to the people of this city were not kept, no steps were taken to prevent the victimization of the city during the investments made for the state.
There's skewness in this train business. Now we have trouble during construction. I'm afraid the city will not be informed, if the risks are not discussed, we will suffer bigger troubles after the train ends, and we will be deprived of the trend we have been using since the Germans in the late 1800 years.
I don't want much; just give information. What happens next?
Even if we don't, the authorities of our province should be familiar with these issues.

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