Which Way to Go to Trolleybus in Kütahyada

Which Way to Go to Trolleybus in Kütahyada
I don't want to break your enthusiasm, but leave it on your course, but where do you think to run this trolleybus when the road situation of Kütahya is not enough for the vehicles? Why is such an old technology… Why can't we expand our horizons while the nation wants to get rid of the old ones. If you lay a trolleybus line in Kütahya, Atatürk Avenue and Menderes Avenue are the busiest streets, will those pedestrians fly in that traffic?
Kutahya also why pedestrians are not considered. This is a series of articles in itself zaten
My age is kept, but for those who have never met in your life, let me briefly state;
Trolleybus is a kind of bus that takes its power from the electric lines hanging along the road with the help of two horns.
The horns are clinging to the wires, the vehicle is moving electrically. Suppose there was a fault in the electrical system. Then the wheels are activated. Manpower, pushing the power of the customers inside ... When we get on public transport in the event of any breakdown in the back of the driver and "Abi bi el atıver" he would say, or we would have to hand late to work.
Oh, that nostalgia can come back.
Trolleybuses working in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir; They had already been lifted many years ago because they were slow and had to turn the traffic up and down on the road frequently.
Now a question that comes to my mind immediately;
Why the trolleybus… While the nation is installing underground underground, why not invest our money in such an old technology?
Are we crazy?
So many projects were produced about transportation, resources were found, they were seen on the spot but none of them did not fit the Kütahya profile. Now the trolleybus is wanted to be tried and the good side of it is explained as if it was a very good idea. They want to be convinced. It is not that great a means of transportation, gentlemen…
In Kütahya, which does not even remove the existing means of transportation,… It should be remembered that a work that needs to be thought carefully and carefully designed is taken over.
While no world city has ever seen trolleybus as the only solution to solve the traffic problem, the dream is real.
The guys already solved the transportation problems under the ground, the trolleybus also did not remove.
Fortunately, the project is yet to be used and it is not certain whether it will be used.
In addition, with these ideas and practices, not only 5 year-long projects, but more smart investments are discussed and more useful to the nation and more var I am in service ”understanding with the final solutions are adopted.
5 is a project that will be thrown away in a year.

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