What Will Haydarpaşa Gar

What Will Haydarpaşa Gar
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who participated in the Erzincan 24th Anniversary Festival, held at Sinan Erdem Indoor Sports Hall on February 2013, 95, said, “A problem in Haydarpaşa, on the question of the project involving journalists including Haydarpaşa Station. no. Working since 2006. It went through all kinds of processes. It passed through municipalities. The appeals process has also ended. The project, which will protect the natural structure of the region of Haydarpaşa, preserve its historical values ​​and does not allow for intensive construction, will also be carried out by the committees that protect the historical and natural assets. Haydarpaşa Station is not a hotel, it will continue publicly. ”
First of all, it is not a coincidence that this problem and its answer come in this way and that the explanation is completed with the so-called guarantee, saying that "Haydarpaşa Station will not be a hotel, but a public one."
On 56 days, Sunday between 13.00 and 14.00, 36 weeks, Thursday nights between 20.00 and 21.00, Haydarpaşa train stairway, and the protests carried out by Haydarpaşa Solidarity and finally on February 20, 2013 KadıköyHaydarpaşa Gara made a statement saying "Haydarpaşa Station will not be a hotel, but a hotel, will be open to the public," as if responding to the question asked by the march called "Haydarpaşa Halkındır" and responding to the slogan of "to enter the hotel if money is used". caused.

This statement, consisting of 48 words, was given by the newspaper Minister Yıldırım “Haydarpaşa station will not be a hotel”. We do not know exactly what the journalist is asking. For this reason, nothing can be said as to whether the answer given is the exact answer to the journalist's question. However, when we evaluate this 48-word explanation in detail with the information and documents at hand, we see that the government has no desire for Haydarpaşa Station to maintain its Industrial function.
At the beginning of UDHB Binali Yıldırım's statement, “There is no problem in Haydarpaşa. Working since 2006. It went through all kinds of processes. It passed through municipalities. Objection processes have ended as well. ”It was the process of either ignoring the annulment case that Haydarpaşa Solidarity components (BTS, Chamber of Architects, Liman-İş Union) opened with the demand for halting the execution of the Haydarpaşa Gar Development Plan, or starting the return without waiting for the judicial decision. means to condemn over.
Only history for the world not for Turkey and Istanbul, cultural, social, functional and Haydarpasa Train Station in an industrial heritage nature of the symbolic value of the planning of the port and the environment, the main objective, the protection developed the historical functional and cultural values ​​carried by said konusual the more short-term economic UDHB Binali Yıldırım, who assumes that we have forgotten the statements that clearly reveal that the area's rent capacity and housing capacity can be made for private use in the name of interests, and that we have not read the aforementioned plan and plan notes, continued in the statement of “Haydarpaşa, which will preserve the natural structure of the region and preserve its historical values. The project, which will allow and do not allow for intensive construction, and approved by the protection committees of the historical and natural assets, will be realized. ”
Let's not forget that with the protocol signed between TCDD and IMM on 30.11.2007, for the preparation and evaluation of income-generating urban transformation projects, a total of 2.000 000 m2 area, including the Sirkeci and Haydarpasa Station areas, which are owned by the TCDD General Directorate in Istanbul, and IMM's for the preparation of a zoning plan. has authorized. While the income generating transformation projects are being implemented, someone should tell us how the natural structure of the region will be preserved, how the historical values ​​will be preserved, and how to not allow too dense construction while generating income is the primary goal. Explaining his ambitions in this area openly, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that "the Haydarpaşa Station and Transformation Project has been regulated in line with the wishes of the people, and stated that the rails in Haydarpaşa have historical monument status. kazanhe said he did. Haydarpaşa Train Station, where many bitter and sweet memories are experienced, will not be used after the implementation of the Bosphorus Tube Crossing Project. With the completion of the Marmaray project and the start of high-speed train services between Ankara and Istanbul, trains no longer stop at Haydarpaşa. Kadıköy will go to the European side. Thus, Haydarpaşa Station will be wasted. State Railways also includes many activities such as museum, marina, hospital, hotels, fair and congress center, commercial areas and sports center with its Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model of approximately 1 billion dollars in this historical area of ​​320 million 5 thousand square meters. Let's say that the “Haydarpaşa Station and Transformation Project” that he will receive is of no importance.

At the meeting held on September 12, 2012, the TCDD Enterprise Board of Directors announced that TCDD said, “The Haydarpaşa Train Station, Port and Back site, is about to be reported to the Privatization Administration for the purpose of evaluating income in terms of income for our country and our organization by integrating with the cultural and social structure of Istanbul. has decided to authorize the General Directorate. ” Thereupon, TCDD applied to the Privatization Administration for the sale of the port and its surroundings to Haydarpaşa station on September 1.000.000, 2.
The historical, urban and cultural importance of the region and the plans prepared on a protocol regarding the construction of Haydarpaşa Train Station, Port and Back Area Conservation Plans in accordance with the relevant board and judicial decisions and which are the subject of the annulment lawsuit filed by the Haydarpaşa Solidarity, also indicate that the historical, functional and cultural values ​​of the area are developed and maintained. Priority is the goal and purpose of making the area available to private use by increasing the rent capability and construction capacity of the area, rather than protecting it. kazanis gone. Since the Minister already knows this, he does not see any harm in saying that “the project approved by the historical and natural heritage preservation boards will be realized”.

UDHB Binali Yıldırım said in the final of his statement that "Haydarpaşa Station will not be a hotel but a public". However, in the protection board plan that the minister said to be implemented in the sentence before this sentence, the Haydarpaşa station building was given the function of “station, cultural facility, accommodation area (lower floor station, upper floors accommodation facility)”. The plan says it will be Haydarpaşa Gar Hotel. Haydarpaşa Solidarity is also objecting to this, whether the Gar continues its industrial function or not being taken off from trains and passengers, it is open to public use.
If the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication thinks so, if we misunderstand his statement, he should ensure that AKP members withdraw their looting plan, which marked the station as a hotel, by the votes of the AKP members, prepared for the Haydarpaşa Train Station and its Environment. However, it should not be forgotten that the Çalık group, which is also the General Manager of the Prime Minister's groom, has been trying to build the Haydarpaşa Train Station hotel for years and to implement the Haydarpaşa Port project they have prepared.
In addition, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the WOW Hotel "Istanbul shoppingfest" opening and "Turkey's brand of dresses on Turkey's Children" campaign in the plaque ceremony "That's a Galataport process, a process Haydarpaşaport ... They are very important. We couldn't realize a Galataport. What did they do? Block Field. Who stood in front of us? Judgment. If Galataport had started as we planned now, it would have been finished, so we would not have seen the ugliness in that Tophane. Likewise Haydarpaewoodort. Our target in Haydarpaewoodort is about 6 thousand beds. We have lost some time right now, but we will do it again. And let's not forget that by realizing this, with these steps taken by you, Istanbul will give its message to the world in a different way with its products and beauty. ”

Haydarpaşa Garın Industrial is the only collateral for Haydarpaşa Solidarity.


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